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[06 Sep 2016|02:28pm]
Justus came up with this beautiful line idea that I thought I would put out there for anyone interested in bringing in new characters. As some of you already know, I was given permission a while back for Reaper to take possession of the dead Romeos. The idea is that someone would have been dating or otherwise involved with one of them, and would either ask Reaper to reanimate the corpse for them to be reunited again briefly (not in the pervy sense) to say goodbye or whatever, or else to be very upset that she's controlling them and go from there. It could be potentially bittersweet or...well, Reaper's not easily provoked but it'd be ugly if she was, is all I'll say. :X She'll be using them in whatever upcoming mission she's in on, but she would also have been using them during training.

This also reminds me I should get a list of whatever powers they had/continue to have available as zombies :X

Also throwing it out there that she currently has no roommate, if anyone's looking to make a Foxtrot! Currently resisting putting my next one on that team
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[06 Sep 2016|07:34pm]
In addition to W and Dani, we also lost Hel for similar scheduling and creative blockage reasons. Please run the friends button. The following characters will be removed:
[info]charonshand, whose transfer to Romeo will be retconned, if not entirely
[info]sevenblack, who will be retconned
[info]magnetick, who will be transferred to another facility
[info]anacelis, who will be transferred to another facility after the upcoming missions
[info]psychometries, who will be transferred to another facility after the upcoming missions

The missions are still in the process of being determined (you can sign up here) but we are leaning towards having certain, if not all, Alpha team participants specifically targeted for a temporary abduction and rescued by Echo participants. This will tie into current and future plots. If you have an Alpha or Echo you would like to be included in those events, please sign them up.
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