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[31 Aug 2016|04:16am]
pb: bella thorne
code name: the giving tree
team: foxtrot
role: wildcard #1

Hi, This is Amanda (~tothegunshow + ~sirenslure) with my new character! I don't have a name for her just yet, and I've still got lots of kinks to work out BUT what I do know is the follow:

GT here can do lots of interesting things with her hands. The most important, all things told, is power bestowal.

She will essentially mediate, and gather energy from within herself and lay bare hands to people who may or may not possess other abilities. Her hands have to make contact for an undisclosed amount of time, usually no more than several minutes, but sometimes only thirty seconds or so and during that time, her power works through the body of the recipient, bestowing upon them a power that is always very well suited to their personality and non-super abilities. So for instance, someone naturally athletic may receive super strength/speed/endurance/etc. Someone naturally kind and adept at listening may become an empath, and someone extremely intellectual could very well end up with a absolute intelligence.

Because this is her primary ability, it is the most difficult to use and takes the most out of her. She can, at most, bestow 1-2 powers a day, tops.

Secondary powers are pain and pleasure bestowal. You know those pain scales in the urgent care waiting room? If you piss her off enough, she can cause a 10 just by touching you. Alternately, if you do something nice for her, she could cause a sexual climax with the touch of her hand and nothing more, probably the most satisfying one you've ever had, too. (jussayin~)

I haven't decided how long she's been in - I do know that she's basically a damn Slytherin, though, and almost certainly worked for sometime at a happy ending massage parlor because... I mean. You know, lulz.

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[31 Aug 2016|10:57pm]
Hey, guys! I'm in the game! Who wants to do some lines with me?
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[31 Aug 2016|11:29pm]
PB: Melissa McBride
ROLE: Mess hall worker

Nothing much to share at the moment, but she has been working at Ghost Corp for quite some time, making sure all the inmates supers are well fed, as well as the human staff who happen to enter the perimeter of the mess hall. More to come.
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