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[23 Aug 2016|02:01am]
PB: Frances Bean Cobain
Codename: ghost? poltergeist?
Team: wherever she works best or people want her - not actually picky!
Role: Infiltration
Powers: Meredith dies. That’s when her abilities kick in. She’s a vanilla person up until that point, then, afterwards, she’s one hell of a force to be reckoned with. She appears as a shadow of herself, around the edges the shadows bleed off of her like ink underwater.

Ghosted: When her heart stops, her spirit jumps from her body. In that form, Meredith can tear shit up. Physical barriers don’t stop her in the slightest because she’s not physically there. She invokes feelings of dread and fear the closer she gets IE people frequently report their hair standing on end, getting the shivers/skin crawling, or just feeling like something is wrong.

Forces Manipulation : Meredith’s ghost form drains electricity and energy from things. It’s innate, something she can’t control. Everywhere she goes, she draws it in, dropping temperatures in approximately a 5 foot radius around her, killing batteries, interrupting circuits, if she’s around too long plants wilt, etc.

She can focus that energy to hit things, and when she does it hits like a mack truck. It’s not even close to precise, she isn’t going to be taking up ghost sharpshooting any time soon. It’s much more like a shotgun. The spread is wide so she doesn’t so much have to aim as just get in the general vicinity. She’s still working on trying to adjust the force she hits with. Right now it’s a big blast that knocks doors off of hinges and squishes people, or she’s just a shadow that stares menacingly at people while they pee themselves. She never admits to this, but the only thing she can see that makes even a little difference is her emotional state. If she’s angry or worked up about something, she hits harder. She hasn’t figured out how to take things down a notch or five.

The only other way she has worked out how to re-direct energy is through radio frequencies. She can be heard through speakers(even if it’s on a dead radio, weirdly enough). It’s staticky, but she can definitely communicate that way. Otherwise she can’t talk to anyone because she makes no sound. She’s learned sign language, but she doesn’t know how helpful that is. Also, if she remains in one spot, the temperature keeps dropping, frosting up windows, etc.

Also uncontrolled but rarer is when she’s emotionally amped up, poltergeist activity kicks up. Objects move around on their own before crashing against walls, doors open and slam shut continually, windows break. It is only during episodes like this that she’s heard, and it’s only in the form of a reverberating scream.

Resurrection: So, clearly she doesn't stay dead. She doesn't have Deadpool’s healing factor or anything, but when she dies, her body does slowly heal itself back up to life again. The process can be helped along by doing things like stitching her up, or removing bullets from her head/heart, etc, but so far she just has to wait til her heart decides to start again before she gets pulled back to her body. The longest she’s ever remained ‘dead’ has been over a week. Non-fatal wounds heal at a totally normal rate. While ‘dead’ she doesn’t decay.


still working her out and all!! anyone like her/want a line or just wanna talk dynamics? she's a deeply angry/depressed individual, I'd love if someone could help get through her spiked walls of doom.
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