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[13 Aug 2016|05:33pm]
PB: Elizabeth Gillies
Team: Bravo
Role: Infiltration #3
Codename: Siren


If you've seen Jessica Jones on Netflix, then you probably have a good idea what Siren can do. It's basically a super flunked up version of Simon Says: if she says it, you do it. And not only that, you may or may not want to do it. Even if she were to tell you to jump off the brooklyn bridge, while the back of your mind might be telling you it's a stupid idea, the rest of you - your stomach, your heart, every urge in your body will be screaming at you to do exactly as she says.

Thankfully, that's a super extreme example. She did tell someone to go play in traffic soon after her abilities manifested and suffice to say, it didn't go so well. Vanessa was wracked with guilt, immediately turning herself into the authorities. Her father, a Congressman, wasn't even powerful to stop her incarceration, based on the extremity of her ability. Upon being taken under Ghost Corp's wing, she was outfitted with a device that disables the majority of her voicebox. She can make sounds, but cannot form words. And that is just fine with her. She'd be too terrified to speak while not on a mission anyway.

Her second ability is damn useful, all things considered. She is able to allow other people to read her thoughts at will. More specifically, she will insert her thoughts into the other person's mind, like hearing her voice in your head.

Siren doesn't use her second ability unless absolutely necessary, essentially 'speaking' when spoken to and is understandably a bit withdrawn after accidentally making her philandering ex BF off himself. If she's tired or lazy or has a headache, she may even resort to writing out what she wants to say (emojis and all, you know how it is.)

Give me all of the things, please! :]
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[13 Aug 2016|07:54pm]
PB: Loupita Nyong'o
Team: Bravo
Role: Handler #1
Codename: n/a
Quick to laughter and indomitably nice; Eloise Okoye is a friendly, smiling, sweet, cinnamon roll of a woman who could snap your neck before you have the chance to scream and gosh! she's going to feel sincerely bad about it, but if crushing your trachea is for the sake of national security then r.i.p. She does not view supers as sub-human but they are security risks and security risks must be monitored and managed. Grossly pragmatic in weighing necessary risks and sacrifices; will flatly refuse compliance should said weight not balance out. Subscribes to the Rousseau theory that humans are naturally good when uncorrupted by knowledge and society. Loves reading local human interest stories about civilian heroes. Team Mystic on Pokemon Go. Watches a lot of bad television. Cried all through the Glee finale. Read every Twilight novel.

She's the daughter of a Somalian refugee and and American missionary, born in Kenya, educated in a British charter school, attended Brown then Harvard for university. Prior to her present position as a handler, she dealt in CoveOps for the US Department of Defense.Her ability to pass for a ridiculously broad range of ages from seventeen to early forties has spawned the joke that her actual age is a national secret.

Two of her fingers are prosthetic. She lost them being tortured after she allowed herself to be captured to infiltrate an enemy base.
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