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[12 Aug 2016|12:14pm]
NAME: Dean Armstrong
PB: Jon Bernthal
ROLE: Alpha Handler #2

Hello, all! Dean here joined the marines straight out of high school; he did a tour of duty in Iraq, two in Afghanistan, and then was honorably discharged after ten years in 2005 for reasons he doesn't discuss. He returned to his hometown of Henderson, NV and joined the police force, where he worked until 2010 years before again retiring to do private investigation for a Las Vegas law firm.

In 2013, he was recruited by the Ghost Corps as a handler. Personality wise, he tends to be on the quiet side. He doesn't say a whole lot and half the time his facial expressions speak for him. In spite of this steely outward appearance, he has a soft nougat-y center and is probably very attached to his supers, preferring to treat them with respect and kindness, and he definitely battles feelings of guilt about how they're treated as weapons and tools as opposed to people.

He almost certainly has a fish named Hans Grouper that he may or may not carry a picture of in his wallet, ahem. It's incredibly hard to make him laugh but the truth is, he probably has a very keen sense of humor and just prefers not to show it. I'm open for all the things! (Also, I almost wish handlers had codenames so his could be hilariously ironic like Chuckles or something)

ETA: I don't have a preference as to which handler he is, 2 vs. 3, so if there's one that is wanted more than the other based on who their supers are please let me know! definitely #2, not to make a bathroom joke or anything.
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