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[11 Aug 2016|12:23pm]
Codename: Aglaeca Pixie (under [info]pixieled)
PB: Amber Heard
Team: Foxtrot
Role: Wild Card #3
Powers: Size Manipulation. Pixie can change her size from teeny tiny minuscule to super big bad that picks her teeth with skyscrapers. (IDK actual limits yet *hides*)

Consumer. There is nothing that Pixie has come across yet that she is unable to eat and digest safely, and she has yet to feel what normal people would call "full." She has consumed small planes in the past, though her teammates had to break them down into bite sized pieces for her. She is a lady, after all~ (A facet of this ability is manifested in her enhanced bite that allows her to bite through materials far harder than the average jaw/teeth can take.)
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[11 Aug 2016|11:47pm]
PB: Harry Lloyd (I think)
Team: Alpha
Role: Tank #2
Codename: Frameshift


Blood Manipulation: The closest thing he has to a primary, given how many uses he's found for it. Ingestion or absorption of blood can be directed to heal himself and any damage done to his dermal armor, but he's wholly unable to heal anyone else. He can draw blood out of a person's body (or his own) and use it as a weapon by crystallizing it. Other fun tidbits like causing pain and blood clots are possible, but he takes that route less often. In dire circumstances, he can actually manipulate blood to physically move people like a marionette, but that takes an enormous amount of energy and concentration so you won't see him doing it much.

Dermal Armor: He can alter the structure of his skin, nails, hair, and feathers to become any organic substance. Diamond, chitin, enamel, etc they're all fair game but something like steel is out of the picture.
Large, white feathered wings - following the trend in some birds, his wingspan, wingtip to wingtip, is roughly three times his height - about 18 feet. They fold up fairly compactly along his back, but he has very little hope of passing for normal because they do not fit comfortably under a shirt: he winds up looking like he's got some weird growth on his shoulders and back and it's just no good. If he wants to look completely human, someone's gotta cast an illusion for him or something. He uses his wings for flight and protection, basically living shields.

In a nutshell, he can fly in, take a massive beating, absorb some blood, and feel right as rain. I have him as Tank #1 for Echo, but I was debating between that and Tank #2 for Alpha. Any opinions/thoughts? Nevermind, I've been converted, I think. :o
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