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Spookhouse's action covered almost half a century- that means half a century of cases, interactions, grudges, revelations- only of which a few are accounted for, or even mentioned in Nocturne and Blair Witch: Rustin Parr.

Here, we explore the rest of Spookhouse blood-drenched history, the unaccounted accounts. Based on the understanding of Spookhouse's world, we formulate the cases that remain a tantalizing mystery. However, not everything needs to be work-related: the cast of characters are just as blood-stained and shadowy as the rest of their world- exploring how they work together, and came to understand each other as partners and friends, is also our task. The timeline stretches from the inception of the agency in 1902, to it's seeming demise in 1942, depending on the character and when they were accepted into Spookhouse, and when or if they perished in its employ. (For example, the Stranger cannot be involved in a case in 1915; nor could Hamilton Killian be involved beyond 1922.)

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-To apply for a character, make a comment to this post with the above application form.

-When you have been accepted, make a character journal and reply back to your acceptance notification in that journal.

-Comment to this post to reserve a character. Your reserve lasts for 1 week. More than one person can reserve a character- the number of reserves will be indicated by a number beside the character's name. If there is more than one person reserving the character, I will wait until the 1 week reserve period is up to allow other people to get their applications in. Quality and punctuality is awarded, but I won't short change quality for punctuality.

-Taken characters cannot be reserved or applied for.