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Jul. 26th, 2016


Who: Sookie, young Izzy, Adele, Maggie, Sunila and open to Sully family, extended family, friends, people they've invited and anyone missing Rhi, Harry or Drew.
What: Family night
When: Early evening, on whatever date would work for all of them
Where: The Sully house.
Warnings: Mourning/sadness
Open: Yes, to many threads, subthreads, etc.

.... )

May. 18th, 2016


Who: Kytana Rogers & Tony Sully
When: Morning
Where: Outside > Luna's Castle
What: Running Away!
Rating: Medium-Low

She felt like a ninja. )

Apr. 12th, 2016


Who: Tony and Cris
Where: Sully house pool
What: Improving swimming skills
When: Backdated to 4/2
Rating: Low
Open: Nope
Status: Ongoing
~~~~~~ )

Apr. 7th, 2016


Who: Kytana R and Tony Sully
When: 4.7 Evening
Where: Park
What: Talking
Rating: TBD

Do you like me? I like you. )

Feb. 1st, 2016


Who: Adele and open to Sookie and Izzy! Also open to Sullys and their spouses/significant others! And those working at the bakery!
Where: Sookie and Adele's house.
When: Dated to whichever day Sookie and Izzy picked to go to the spa and whichever time they came back through the door.
What: The baby shower -
Open: See Above. Open to many threads/subthreads, before the shower, during and after.
Warnings: None.

...... )

Dec. 25th, 2015



To all Sullys/extended Sullys )


Presents and stuff )


Gifts, dated to Christmas Day

For her Mama and Aunt Izzy )
For all the other Sullys/extended Sullys )
For Ned, Will, Abigail, Anyone working at the bakery and their families )

Dec. 24th, 2015


Gifts, dated to Christmas morning.

For her Mom and Grandparents )
For all the Sullys )

Dec. 21st, 2015


Who: Tony Sully and Kytana Rogers
Where: Starting at her place
What: Getting a drink
When: After his accidental text
Rating: TBD
Open: Nope
Status: Ongoing
~~~~~~ )

Nov. 24th, 2015


Who: Tony Sully and Kytana Rogers
Where: Sully House
What: Swimming and stuff
When: After their texts
Rating: TBD
Open: Nope
Status: Ongoing
~~~~~~ )

Nov. 14th, 2015


Backdated to Tom and Tony's Birthday

Tony )

Tommy )

Nov. 10th, 2015


Left for Tommy Jr )


Birthday Gifts to Tony and Tommy, from Izzy and Sookie Sully

For Tony )

For Tommy )

For Tony and Tommy )


Gift for Tony Sully

Birthday! )

Nov. 9th, 2015


Who: Tony Sully
Where: The house
What: Fooding and stuff
When: Backdated to Monday afternoon
Rating: Low
Open: To Sully house residents
Status: Ongoing
~~~~~~ )

Oct. 31st, 2015


Who: Tony and Kytana
Where: Starting at her place
What: Picking her up
When: Before the Halloween party
Rating: Low
Open: Only to Old Steve
Status: Ongoing
~~~~~~ )

Oct. 30th, 2015


Who: Annie and Open
Where: The Pub
What: Halloween Party
When: Forward dated to tomorrow
Rating: TBD
Open: Yep
Status: Ongoing

Annie loved a party )

Oct. 27th, 2015


Who: Tony and "Mini Mom"
Where: Starting at the apartments
What: "rescuing" his niece
When: After her post
Rating: Low
Open: To Rhi and possibly other Sully's later
Status: Ongoing
~~~~~~ )

Oct. 26th, 2015


Who: Rhiannon and open to Sully’s
Where: Sully homestead
What: Breaking
When: Backdated to yesterday after the JR thread
Rating: We'll say possible language
Open: To Sully’s
Status: Ongoing

You gotta go there to come back )

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