July 2008

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March 26th, 2008

[info]snapelike in [info]snupin_meeting

A Snupin Meeting in London, Summer 2008

Too little Snupin in your life?

[info]imma and [info]snapelike (who is still alive, yes) would like to propose a two day Snupin event in Kensington, London, 23-24 July 2008. The date has been chosen so that those who are going to Accio 2008 in Oxford the following weekend will be able to do so.

What we would like is an entirely informal meeting with focus on Snupin. We want to be able to talk about, discuss, drool over, and analyse the ship without restraining ourselves. We simply want to share the love of the ship with other Snupiners.

We will stay at Curzon House in Kensington, London - a small hostel: cheap, ragged and very nice. (No bugs, pristine beds!). Expect no luxury whatsoever, and that was the diplomatic version.
The area is very nice, though: easy access to a lot of museums, parks and restaurants. Buses and the Tube in five minutes walking distance. Prices from £17/night. Quality accommodation around the corner for those who want less brown carpets and shared bathrooms and more light that actually works.

Now, what we have planned is to use a few days on Snupiny activities. The possibilities are limited, since Curzon House does not have fantastic facilities, apart from free WiFi and a public living room. Depending on whether people are willing to pay, for instance, 10-30£ besides the costs of food and accommodation, we might expand the possibilities by renting one of the large rooms.

Nevertheless... we would like to have both academic and more relaxed content. Our suggestion is that every participant prepare an activity; a paper, a round-table, a work-shop, a reading... anything which is possible to do within the limits of the place.

A brief suggestion to how the programme might end up:
22nd July, evening: We meet, find our rooms and go out for dinner.
23rd July: Papers, round-tables, lunch, then more papers and activities.
24th July: More activities, lunch. More time for activities if needed. Other loved ships might be allowed to hog a corner if time permits. We end up at Snape's Pub for dinner.

Costs? Yeah, there are a few:
Room: 17-35£ per person/night.
Food: Sainsbury's three minutes from the hostel. Average UK food prices. Fully equipped kitchen at Curzon. Cheap restaurants and the usual burger chains in the area.
Meet-up: No costs, unless we decide to book a large room for the event (and for privacy, not all of us might be comfortable talking slash in a public sitting room). The cost for such a room is approximately 175£ for two days, split between us.
Transportation: An Oyster Card makes it possible to travel unlimited all over central London (zone 1-2, buses and Tube) for max. 6,80£/day (or less, with a 7 day Travel Card).

It will be cheapest and easiest if we book together, and soon, too, preferably before the 1st April. We know the people at Curzon, and might be able to get the rooms at the lower winter rate if we are a large group. If you decide to go, you will have to pay for one night in advance.
We will happily book for a longer period than the two nights. We are both staying at Curzon for almost two weeks, and would love to have company for some touristing.

Your thoughts?
As it is, this is currently just a suggestion. Ideas, thoughts and further suggestions are very welcome. Questions can be directed to snapelike at gmail dot com, or to immaling at gmail dot com. If you know already now that you want to join us, send us a mail as well.