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January 26th, 2010

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January 26th, 2010

Happy Daft Day, Duochan-the-mpregfan!

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Recipient: Duochan-the-mpregfan
Title: Power in Submission
Author: [info]shadowess
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 6773
Warning(s): *Dom!Snape/Sub!Harry, Mpreg, Toys, BDSM, Object penetration, First-time, Crossdressing (mention), OOC for James&Lily*
Prompt/Summary: James and Lily are alive and Harry is the youngest, (no voldie in this), Harry feels left out and neglected, he runs away and finds someone that can love him and care for him, Severus never worked at Hogwarts, up to you what he does. Has to have a nice happy ending, but it doesn’t mean that Harry can forgive James and Lily or his siblings. Please, a little Mpreg.
A/N: My first ever gift fic, and first pitch hit. A MILLION thank you’s to the mods who were very patient with me when I failed at deadlines. Also so much love to [info]red_day_dawning who did an amazing last minute beta.

Power in Submission )
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