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January 17th, 2010

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January 17th, 2010

Happy Daft Day, [info]ciraarana!

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Recipient: [info]ciraarana
Title: Life is for Living
Author: [info]lillibet4
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 19310
Warning(s): Chan 16-18
Summary: After Lily’s death, Severus helps to raise Harry and through the years, a fondness develops between mentor and ward. But as Harry gets older, their familial affection grows into something else.
A/N: [info]ciraarana, I think I hit more than a few of your requests :) Hope you like it! A word of explanation about 'terms' in the British boarding schools: The ‘spring term’ as I was taught to call it at school, is the term between the Christmas and Easter holidays. I know this sounds like it should be another winter term, especially in Scotland, but there we go. No one said British boarding school conventions made sense. Also, I know that ‘coming of age’ in the wizarding world is 17, but I see no reason that ‘the age of consent’ shouldn’t be 16. It is in the rest of the UK, after all, where the former is 18.

A final word of thanks has to go to the wonderful [info]joanwilder who betaed for me. She’s the only reason I survived this project intact! Without her, this fic would be entirely unreadable or, more likely, abandoned some 17k words ago.

Life is For living

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