The Snape_Potter Daft Day Snarry Swap

January 31st, 2009

Snarry Swap


January 31st, 2009

Happy Daft Day, Everyone!

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Recipients: Pinch hitters and beta volunteers, regular participants, commenters and reccers, all the wonderful lovers of Snarry ♥♥♥
Title: Winter dance
Artist: [info]sealcat
Rating: G
Warnings: Cross-dressing, de-age Snape (just a Little bit).
Summary: Snape and Harry are courting each other.

Mods' Note: [info]sealcat was so generous to donate her fabulous work of art as a special thank-you gift to everybody who made the Snarry Swap such a success. This is the last creation in this year's fest. Stay tuned for a mod post and the masterlist.


Winter dance )

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