10 June 2008 @ 11:46 pm
Today we bring you a Closing Games special from Team Dragon, which may answer some questions our readers had during the Games. They also have a special message for Team Phoenix!

Team Dragon sends us the "Here Be Dragons" Challenge:

(caution to Dial-up users)

Team Dragon challenged itself to include a dragon somehow in each of their stories. Some authors just mention the word itself, but others have featured actual dragons, running the gamut from pets to companions, from side-kicks to major characters. There is even one story where Harry is a dragon.

There are awards to be made, not that any Team Dragon member was motivated by booty the allure of a prize. Inside, gathered for your viewing pleasure, are excerpts from each of the 29 stories by authors who answered the call, along with their award banners. Many of the stories had more than one dragon passage, so the author has chosen their favorite to represent their story. Homage is paid within to all members of the team, as well as to Team Phoenix who, for whatever reason, also heeded the call of the Here Be Dragons Challenge, and mentioned or featured dragons in their stories.

We hope you'll be enticed to enter our lair, and snuggle up to the side of the dragon and read for a while, where it's toasty warm, where there are riches and romance and danger. Team Dragon thanks you, our readers, for your loyalty and gracious comments during the Games. You made our Snarry hearts swell with pride and a ROAR!

Remember and revisit with us some of our finest Snarry moments!


Thank you, Team Dragon!

Stay tuned this week for more mysteries being solved, some reviewers being singled out for their awesomeness, and some wonderful stories provided by Alternates. Very Important Mod Posts will follow. Enjoy!