09 September 2014 @ 01:25 pm
Welcome to the 2014 HP Reunion Snarry Mini Games !!!  

It has been five years since the last Snarry Games!

Well, we think it's time, and inspired by a new reunion community, we are happy to announce:


Welcome to the 2014 HP Reunion Mini Snarry Games!

Things that were hard to bear are sweet to remember. ~Seneca

Details about the 2014 Mini Games will be outlined September 13th at the Snarry Games community (and cross-posted).

The Snarry Games will be a little different this time around, but there will still be voting and medals! You may be surprised at the format we've chosen to do, but it is inclusive of many types of fanworks, and should be awesome and easy-going fun!

We would like to invite you to join us for this event, which will run concurrently with many others via the Harry Potter Livejournal Reunion, which is a general community to organize the Harry Potter Fandom reunion, and all ships, no-ships and all HP fandom remembrances welcome!

The culmination of these reunion events will be spotlighted from November 1 to November 15, 2014, which is when posting and voting will commence for these Games.

The Snarry Games would love to be a driving force in the Harry potter reunion, to show that the spirit of Snarry still runs deep and strong! Please consider joining us to celebrate the past, in the community spirit and fun that made livejournal and Harry Potter fandom so memorable.

But whether you join us for the Snarry Games as a participant, watcher, to help as a mod/volunteer, or just join the gang to hang out and see some old friends over at HP Reunion to celebrate the amazing phenomenon that was the Harry Potter livejournal community, we look forward to seeing you.

Stay tuned for details, and here are some links to remember:

Snarry Games IJ
Snarry Games DW
Snarry Games LJ
Snarry Games Tumblr

HP Reunion 2014
HP Reunion Tumblr

Also, for those lost or inactive (Harry Potter fandom) Alumni, if you could spread the word about the reunions, whether it is via your journals, emails, tumblrs, twitters, or your neighborhood cafe, the HP Reunion team would be most thankful!

We hope to hear back from you, or to be seeing you soon!

DJ & The Mod Squad
Snarry Games 2014
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