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Sep. 12th, 2010 @ 12:47 am Snapely Holidays 2010 Participant List (& updated pledges!)

Now that all our participants chimed in, here is the participant list for 2010 )

Oh, and all you lovely participants can keep these in mind whilst you bunny-hunt:

the pledge list )
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Aug. 20th, 2010 @ 11:38 pm Snapely incentive, that is, holiday pledges
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We're getting really excited about this years [info]snapelyholidays, and the thought occurred that the holidays are the time to give, especially to those on whom fortune has not smiled. [info]bethbethbeth did it first with her wonderful [info]hp_beholder exchange, pledging to donate to charity for favourite pairings or scenarios, and we've decided to follow suit.

So for [info]snapelyholidays 2010 exchange, we will be pledging for our favourite pairings/scenarios. (And please do let us know if you want to pledge, as well!) :)

Our causes?

Partners in Health (one of the first in quake-ravaged Haiti, and still helping there and in other disaster-stricken or war-torn areas)

Tearfund. This UK-based group has been working in Pakistan, even before the devastating floods, and they get around the reported Taliban abuse/corruption by distributing funds directly to their members on site, in order to help the people who need it most.

Soles 4 Souls. When you walk everywhere, caring for your feet is important. Soles4Souls provide shoes for the impoverished in underdeveloped nations, and also for victims of disaster all over the world. One dollar guarantees one pair of shoes donated to someone in desperate need.

Our pledges?

We'll be divvying up and dividing the totals between our chosen charities.

[info]chazpure has pledged:
  • $1 for every fic or art with sex in water or erotic Snape bathing scene

  • $1 for every fic or art (including gen) with Snape/Aberforth

  • $1 for every fic or art (including gen) with Snape/Millicent

  • $1 for every fic or art (including gen) with Snape/Maxime

  • [info]psyfic has pledged:
  • $1 for every fic where Snape comes in his pants

  • $1 for every fic or art (including gen) with Snape/Minerva

  • $1 for every fic or art (including gen) with Snape/Kingsley

  • and since it was her idea first, we told the phenomenal [info]bethbethbeth what we had in mind and she has pledged $2 for every art or fic featuring Snape... in other words all of them! *is whelmed*

    So tell your friends and join us for [info]snapelyholidays 2010 exchange! (signs ups are here. *g*)
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