Dec. 8th, 2011 @ 12:06 am gift fic for trixie_locket, Snape/Barty, adult

Recipient: trixie_locket

Author: alley-skywalker
Title: The Ways of Magic
Characters: Severus/Barty, Severus/Evan (alluded to)
Rating: R (NWS)
Content Info: *slash, infidelity, sex magic, unexplained references to various herbs, explicit sexual situation, magic/potions theory that came from the author's brain*
Summary: Severus and Barty are working on a complicated project. The solution is somewhat... problematic.
Disclaimer: The world of HP and its characters belongs to Rowling. The author of this fic has borrowed them for the purposes of storytelling. No profit was or will be made.
Word count: ~2,000

( The Ways of Magic )

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