Sep. 4th, 2011 @ 01:34 am mod note to participants - connectivity issues
Current Mood: grumpy

Thanks to overzealous yard cutters, our phone line was either damaged or disconnected (meaning our dsl is down). We won't know until we can get a long ladder to assess it, but either way, our only means of going on-line is, as now, the use of a net cafe -- which is expensive and also full of people excited about their three day weekend -- or finding a site with free wifi, most of which, again, are full of people checking their email while out of town.

So for those waiting for their assignments, we ask for your patience. You </i>will</i> get your assignments either later today (the 4th) or sometime tomorrow (the 5th) if the traffic allows, but definitely no later than the 6th when we expect the out-of-towners to have gone home and cleared out of all the free wi-fi spots!
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