Dec. 31st, 2010 @ 12:56 am blessings to all & to all a good year

For the last entry of the month (but not the exchange! still more to come!) we have decided to post two entries gifted to the community this year.

To all our Snapely Holidays watchers and participants -

Happy Holidays and a very prosperous New Year!
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Dec. 31st, 2010 @ 01:01 am Gift fic for community, How Much You're Worth, adult

Recipient: Snapely Holidays Community

Author: countess_hp

Title: How Much You're Worth

Characters: Sirius/Severus

Rating: Adult

Content Info: AU, bondage, non-con, Master/slave, humiliation

Summary: AU Post War. Death eaters are being punished by being sold to the highest bidder. Sirius buys Severus for his own evil plans.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fan fiction set in the Harry Potter universe - all recognizable characters and settings are the property of J. K. Rowling and her associates. No copyright infringement is intended. No profit is made from this work. Please observe your local laws with regards to the age-limit and content of this work.

Word count: ~1,633

Author Notes: I want to thank C for help with betaing, even thought it was hard for her to understand what I was meaning. I am evil that way.

( How Much You're Worth )

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Dec. 31st, 2010 @ 01:13 am Gift art for community, A Gift For You, adult

Recipient: Snapely Holidays Community

Artist: sealcat

Title: A Gift for you

Characters: Severus Snape (And any other characters of your choice)

Rating: Adult

Media: Ball-point pen on legal size white paper.

Content info: barely concealed nudity

Summary or Description: Severus Snape is a great gift in the holiday season(!)

Disclaimer: I never own HP World and Characters~

Artists notes: I need to apologise to everyone first, Because I didn't pair Snape with any characters, so you need to use your imagination to make it up, but it also meant it will be very flexible, no matter Top/Bottom!Snape or some other theme/situation/pairing, you are free to do whatever you want! *g* And Special thanks to the Mods for giving me this opportunity to draw something for this fest and I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. :D

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