Nov. 30th, 2010 @ 04:43 pm Nearly there!
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We're excited and we know some of you are, also. :)

However, before posting begins (tomorrow), we want to make a few things clear.  *straightens moddy hat*

This exchange is like a great big, happy, pot luck party. All are welcome to come sample the goodies. BUT -- going through the buffet line and picking and choosing from all the lovely free food and drink and then telling everyone how crappy you thought some of the food was and how you suspect certain drinks were watered down can ruin the party for the other people attending it. That is what concrit (comments criticising a fic or art) can do in an exchange.

The fic and art for [info]snapelyholidays is written and drawn to the request of the recipient. The content may or may not be what the writer or artist normally produces, finds interesting, erotic or otherwise engaging. Some writers and artists like taking part in blind exchanges because they enjoy the challenge of taking someone else's request/fantasy and trying to bring it to life. What is one person's kinky fantasy is another person's squicky nightmare and that is part of the beauty of fandom.

So, if you like something in the exchange, do tell the writer or artist. If you don't, and you truly feel the need to criticise that free goodie you decided to try and didn't care for or feel it needs improvement, do not post your critique to the community. Send it to the moddies ( and title your subject line "Concrit for [title of piece]". At the end of the exchange, any authors/artists receiving concrit on their work will get it, on request.

If the moddies spot/catch any concrit posted to the exchange, it will be screened and locked. In the case of trollish behaviour, it will be deleted, no exceptions.

To those of you eagle-eyed readers that spot concrit before we do, please feel free to respond with the link to this post since not everyone that happens across the exchange will have read this or be aware of the policy.

This goes for everyone: please err on the side of holiday generosity.

Now... *takes off moddy hat* ... get your engines revved, because posting starts tomorrow. :)
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Nov. 30th, 2010 @ 08:06 pm an observation
Taking a moment from formatting & scheduling to chase after my remaining sanity to share this Snapely stat.

We are really delighted with the mix this year of Snape het-slash-gen-fic-art, as well as the breadth of talent from our participants. There should be something for every Snape fan, and it looks like we'll be able to carry on posting to our beloved mascot's birthday. :) \o/

*goes back to trying to corner that sanity*
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