Sep. 2nd, 2010 @ 10:01 am keeping you updated
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Our 3rd draft list of possible matchups needs to be looked over by both moddies (one of whom is at her long, tiring job, the other of which is writing you now whilst dealing with both a case of shingles and a burgeoning migraine) and any match-up issues need to be mutually agreed on before assignments go out.

We appreciate your patience, and as you veterans of Snapely Holidays already know -- yes, you *will* get an equivalent extra couple days to submit your work for the extra couple days it has unexpectedly taken us to get your assignments to you, so no stress.

The best guesstimate I can give you (barring a miracle at [info]chazpure's workplace) is that the assignments go out late tonight. Worst case would be tomorrow, but no later than that - and I swear a wandoath on it.

*holds up wand and swears in particularly colourful language*
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