Jan. 2nd, 2009 @ 09:36 pm 33rd Snapely Holidays entry 'Starting Over' (Snape/Harry)

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Fic for: [info]sealcat
Title: Starting Over

Pairing Snape/Harry
Rating PG-13
Warnings *past character death (not S or H), a little h/c *
Summary To get away for a while, Harry and his children go on holiday to a place where they can find peace and have fun. Little did they know that they would meet up with someone from Harry's past, someone supposedly dead: Severus Snape.
Disclaimer I'm not making any cash and am only having fun!
Word count ~15,490
Author Notes I hope you like this, sealcat! I tried to add in as much of your preferred choices that I could! See her requests after the last chapter (don't want to give too much away).

Thanks go to rdholmantx and beaweasley2 for beta reading this for me. I do appreciate it, mates.

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