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Dec. 4th, 2008 @ 01:05 am 4th Snapely Holidays Fic - The Whisperer

christmas kitty
Fic for: [info]irena_candy
Title: The Whisperer

Pairing Severus Snape/Narcissa Malfoy
Rating M
Warnings Explicit het, mild bondage, angst
Summary After the fall of Voldemort, Hogwarts has been repaired and is open. Its new headmaster is determined to remove all Slytherin tendencies from the school. Meanwhile, Severus Snape has isolated himself, haunted by his belief that he failed his students. When he learns this latest news, he returns to Hogwarts and has an eye-opening experience.
Disclaimer The world of HP and its characters belongs to Rowling. Credit for the Slytherin Directives (listed in the footnote) goes to Theatresm, who featured them in "Brave New World". The author of this fic has borrowed them for the purposes of storytelling. No profit was or will be made.
Word count 9,400
Author Notes Many thanks to two wonderful betas, B and V. All remaining errors are mine alone. Happy Holidays, [info]irena_candy! I hope you like it! I tried to work in a number of your requested elements.

Fic for irena_candy )
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