Sep. 2nd, 2008 @ 09:06 pm Check your inbox & Call for beta's!
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Okay, all the assignments have been emailed, so check your boxes if you haven't already.

I know of at least one participant who was affected by Gustav, so just let us know as soon as you can about any problems. We're pretty forbearing and don't bite (often). ;)

Otherwise, this post is to ask for beta's of all kinds. To that end, if, AND ONLY IF, you wish to offer beta services to the authors, please fill out this poll:

Poll #2267 Beta?
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I would like to Beta. I am good at...

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hand-holding & encouragement
7 (46.7%)

brainstorming for bunnies
8 (53.3%)

helping develop plot bunnies
8 (53.3%)

catching spelling mistakes
14 (93.3%)

fixing punctuation
13 (86.7%)

grammar nazi here
11 (73.3%)

a continuity catcher
13 (86.7%)

catching canon-errors
9 (60.0%)

I need...

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to work with a writer from the start
2 (13.3%)

plenty of lead time to work with a writer
3 (20.0%)

a week or two of warning/deadline
7 (46.7%)

a few days of warning/deadline
6 (40.0%)

I can beta within a day or two, if given a deadline.
7 (46.7%)

I can beta/proof very quickly.
6 (40.0%)

I beta/proof like the wind! Give me something to beta!
1 (6.7%)

Authors, bookmark/memory this post so if/when you need a beta, you can check the answers to find one that can provide what you need. Just remember *NOT* to pick the person you are writing for as a beta! :)
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