Mar. 25th, 2008 @ 07:13 pm (no subject)
I do believe there is enough interest shown to merit the comm; right now, there are enough interested people for a small exchange. \o/

I can only hope more people will gain interest as time goes by.

One question that was raised was about gen-fic, and yes, in all good conscience, I can't deny those who enjoy a nice, toothy gen-fic as much as I do, their chance to possibly get some for the holidays. Keeping in mind, of course, we will be limited by what the artists and authors are willing to write. I do hope our artists and authors are willing to write more genre's/kinks than what they might be willing to receive. Exchanges work better when that is the case.

So, continue to spread the word and hopefully, we will all have a very [info]snapelyholidays. :)
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