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10/16/04 07:16 pm - [info]ladymorgaine - newbie ;0)~

Jen here...interests are history, books/reading, musicmusicmusic (all kinds--mostly metal and punk, but it really depends on my mood), study of religions, raising my kids to be good, wise, educated individuals, study of mental illness...what else??
Anywho, dinner is on and I am going out tonight, so this must be short anyways.

10/7/04 06:55 pm - [info] - intro

hi. i'm christy, the moderator. i like punk, and i go to uc riverside. i think it'd be cool to bring up the topic of abortions. does anyone think it's wrong? anyone think it's right. yeah, i know this is the first post, but why not dive right in?
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