November 30th, 2008

Slythindor - Drabbles


November 30th, 2008

Special December Challenge

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I come bearing a special Holiday Challenge.

For the month of December, all prompts can be found my clicking this link:

December Challenge Prompts

Your challenge is to write for each picture. You can combine the pictures for your fic, but it will only count for one entry. At the end, I will tally who wrote the most fics and prizes will be awarded. *grin*

Additional rules: Words do not need to be used in order, unless you are competing for a prize. You may post up to two prompts per day. If you are going out of town, email me. I'm willing to help out. Posts must be a minimum of 100 words - but there is no maximum.

Yes, you may combine this with other communities prompts - I plan to combine some of mine with the ones over at [info]adventdrabbles, where they are running a similiar competition. You can then complete challenges for two communities this month! *grins*

There will also be a contest that will run from December 31st thru January 7th. That challenge is to write one fic incorporating all 31 pictures!

NOTE: your fic does not have to be a story of the picture - you can use a part of the picture or what ever that picture says to you. Any questions - just ask!

For this challenge only, I would appreciate you using the following header:

Word Count:
Author's Notes:

Each day at midnight (in Chicago) - the prompt for that day will become available by rolling your mouse over the gift for that day. At the end of each day, the prompt will stay - without having to roll over it to see it.

Please tag all entries: 2008hols
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