July 9th, 2008

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July 9th, 2008

This and that and Challenge #87

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First off - poll results from the poll posted in live journal

Single word prompts vs. list of words - very close 4 - 3

Number of picture prompt to chose from - definitely more than one preferred

Having a prompt last for two weeks vs one per week - most people prefer two weeks for a prompt

Special prompts where a month of prompts are posted on the first of the month - 4 - 2 in favor of month long prompts anytime.

Only one comment about prompts you'd like to see - so in honour of Jae speaking up...I will take her advice.

So basically things will stay with prompts every two weeks, but if I can come up with a theme for a month or it's a holiday month - I'll post a months worth at the beginning of the month.

Without further ado:

Challenge #87 is a theme: travelling

This can be the boys travelling - someone travelling to visit - let your imaginations run wild!!!

Finally, I'm off to Portus at the butt crack of dawn tomorrow morning. Play nice and don't break the internet. I will have internet access - so you can still reach me if I've buggered this up.
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