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[24 Sep 2023|08:08am]

check the journal.
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[22 Sep 2023|06:51pm]

looking for an active carlos that doesn't flake after a few days.
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[22 Sep 2023|09:49am]

Slash for Lance set back in the early 2000s? Joey Fatone or AJ McLean would be great but open.
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[21 Sep 2023|07:11pm]

coming back to slash after a long hiatus--check the journal for faces of most ages and some storylines, if you'd like plot with your porn. feel free to comment for my list of kinks and i'll make us a custom!
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[21 Sep 2023|10:22am]
i've been binge watching queer as folk (the one with randy harrison and gale harold) I really want to have a good and long term brian/justin line, but to change things up if possible have it be in a celeb world? I want to be the Justin and I'm open to faces, but will do pb if celeb would be too weird for you to do.
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[19 Sep 2023|09:00am]
check the journal please
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[19 Sep 2023|08:20am]

looking for something long term and fun for colson
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[19 Sep 2023|11:20am]

Looking for a slash celeb psl. Open to suggestions and an age gap. Preferably against someone bold and outgoing to shake Tim out of his comfort zone and introduce him to something new. I want a plot and some romance with my porn to keep things interesting. Maybe something long-term if we click? I've got a few concepts to share but I'm open to suggestions. I'd kill for an Austin Butler for a specific line. Comments screened for the shy!
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[17 Sep 2023|01:36pm]

I have a starter I'm rather happy with for a line I'm hoping to get filled!

Concept is: two friends start an Only Fans as a means to pay bills/extra income. I'd love one to be gay and the other straight that get closer as things get more heated.

Since it was a failed line, "Leo's" name and face is open to change! Not picky! Aiden I used as Chris Evans but I'm not married to it.

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I'll lock it to who replies. If there's more than one interest I can make another thread.
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incest [17 Sep 2023|12:44am]

Looking to play the dad in a father/son line. Basically no limits. Open to alpha/omega. Reply at the journal if interested.

[16 Sep 2023|11:53pm]

anyone who wants to play with a transman to come to [info]smoldr
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[16 Sep 2023|08:02pm]

something slash and long term for Landon, open to faces and someone older would be great!
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[16 Sep 2023|10:39am]
[info]smoldr fresh off half of tbe month removals & adds will be rolling all weekend!
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[15 Sep 2023|10:28am]
Check the journal, please.

[14 Sep 2023|05:40am]
i know this is a long shot, but would anyone play colin or jake gyllenhaal against jared? i'm open to other faces as well
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[12 Sep 2023|09:53pm]
check the journal!
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[12 Sep 2023|05:27pm]

something for mgk, psl only. cliche/or not for pairings.
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[12 Sep 2023|04:18pm]
would anyone write iƱaki godoy?
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[12 Sep 2023|02:33pm]

Fantasy lines for this shapeshifting druid? Open to something D&D adjacent or wholly original. Also open to doing an urban fantasy line ala Rip Van Winkle where he wakes up in a modern world where magic is no longer common or out in the open.
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[12 Sep 2023|02:04am]

Looking for a couple more lines for Cap.

Long term, short term, crossovers and other suggestions welcome. Hit me up here or in the journal.
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