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21st August 2011

venturous3:19pm: DC area Fantastic Fall Fangirls Retreat
It's time to plan the Fabulous Fall Fangirls Retreat!

This is the 4th year I'll host a Retreat at my spacious abode, the Holy Unpredictable Manor, in southern Maryland near Washington DC.

Last year we dropped the word "Slash" from out name, welcoming creative fans who make all genres of fanwork.
This year, in celebration of my fandom promiscuity I'm encouraging multi-fandom attendees.

We get together and hang out, cook, eat, squee, write, draw, share, and goof around. It's relaxing and fun. There is stuff to do if you want,
outdoorsy or city excursions, but mostly we just enjoy being fangirls together.

Here's a poll to gauge interests and choose a date: (links to Dreamwidth)

Please share with anyone you think might be interested
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6th October 2010

venturous5:03pm: retreat plans and stuff
and, the CORN MAZE!
Sunday is shaping up to be Daytripper Day: [info]torino10154, [info]spidermoth and [info]tjwritter are coming for the day.

Spidermoth will be bringing her awesome Dumbledore and Snape costumes for show-n-tell! (plus, I have some of her work I can model)
So, if you have art, fic, favorites, stuff to share, bring it along.

This is going to be fun!

5th October 2010

venturous9:13am: Food Post! what you'll bring, cook, need
Leave me a comment with details on the following:

What would you like to cook/eat?

What will you bring with you?
 - prepared food

What groceries do you need in-house?  (eg: soy milk, quails eggs, baking chocolate, truffles, basmati rice, peanut m&ms...)

Wine drinker? Red or white?

For fish eaters: grilled salmon?

I will make a Costco and Trader Joes run on Thursday or friday.
Due to pitifully low income, if you would care to make a donation to the Holy Unpredictable Manor food & fun Fund, consider donating $25 or more dollars to paypal.  email p_henkel AT patrise.com
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29th September 2010

venturous6:36pm: Poll! Getting ready to have fun?
Poll #5634 Getting Ready POLL!!!
Open to: All, results viewable to: All

Extracurricular things to do on Saturday

View Answers

10 acre Corn Maze! (in costume?!)
2 (33.3%)

Local Octoberfest (beer, strudel, men in leiderhosen)
2 (33.3%)

Play dress-up at Spidermoth's costume shop
2 (33.3%)

Maryland Rennfaire
2 (33.3%)

Riverfront hike
1 (16.7%)

DC Tourism: Monuments tour
1 (16.7%)

DC Tourism: Museuming
2 (33.3%)

DC other
1 (16.7%)

nah, stay 'home', BBQ and bonfire
6 (100.0%)

Fannish activities!

View Answers

Fic challenge!
2 (40.0%)

Art workshop
4 (80.0%)

Fic readings (crack, kink or character themed?)
5 (100.0%)

Collaborative fic/art
4 (80.0%)

time to work on holiday fest commitments
4 (80.0%)

Show 'n Tell (art, craft, links, pics, tatts, whatever!)
3 (60.0%)

suggest Other
2 (40.0%)

5th September 2010

venturous7:44pm: Fangirls Retreat October 8-10 Sign-up Post
When:  Arrive Friday October 8 after 3pm, Depart Sunday Oct 10 after dinner, or Monday morning
Where: Accokeek, MD, just outside DC

Please use the following template to signup, in comments, below.

<b>team cook or team cleanup?</b>
<b>dietary restrictions:</b>
<b>things I love to cook:</b>
<b>activity I'll lead:</b><b>something I'd love to do this weekend:</b>

<b>I need transit from (airport, train,other):</b>
<b>I can provide transit from:</b>

EDIT: also, if you are a daytripper, let me know Sat, Sun or both!

6th August 2010

venturous8:59pm: It's a GO! 3rd Annual Slash Retreat DC

3rd Annual Slash Fangirls Retreat!
October 8 through 12
at the Holy Unpredictable Manor, Accokeek, MD just outside Washington DC

We could march on Washington, but why? when we can hang out in our pjs and talk slash, write drabbles and commit other fannish activities.
Past years have proven that the food is fantastic and the company is better. Come from near or far, bring your art, fic, craft, whatever to share.

Yay, I am so glad I can host again this year!  **bounces**

Stay tuned for official sign-up post, coming soon.

6th November 2009

chiralove9:37pm: Slashretreat drabble: World Enough and Time
Title: World Enough and Time
Author: lesyeuxverts
Beta: the fabulous and amazing [info]bewarethesmirk
Word Count: 299
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: err, hints at future Harry/Snape? maybe?
Warnings: character death (sort of)
Disclaimer: Not mine. Title stolen from Andrew Marvell.
AN: For [info]littleblackbow, who couldn't come to [info]slashretreat_dc but who was kind enough to send us all art via [info]slashpine! Mine was this lovely picture of Harry looking off into the distance, wistfully, with Snape in a dark profile in the background, so I used it as inspiration for this, though I'm not sure it was quite what [info]littleblackbow was envisioning with her art.

World Enough and Time )

13th October 2009

venturous10:28pm: Another fabulous Retreat!
THANK YOU EVERYONE for a magical silly fun weekend! Thanks for lovin up the pets. Thank you for cooking, cleaning up, laughing, drinking, sharing ideas, writing, reading, listening. Thanks for eating my too-hot chili! Thanks for playing 'cat-fishing' with the Peanut.

Thanks to [info]spidermoth for a grocery runs and brainstorming, and running around. Thanks to [info]torino10154 for more groceries and her wonderful self. Thanks to [info]chiralove for Plum Ginger Cheesecake and Pastis, a taste of Provence.

Thanks to [info]r_grayjoy for keeping the dishwasher running, and for Chocolate Balls. Bring Ari next time!

Thanks to [info]la_dissonance for the nummy chocolate pumpkin cake. Thanks to [info]entrenous for cookies. Thanks to [info]slashpine for Wisconsin cheese, and my lovely Harry scarf.

and thank you [info]littleblackbow for sending us each a magical drawing! I look forward to seeing them posted with drabbles in the days to come.

11th October 2009

venturous6:59pm: we are reading bad!fic and it's so wrong...
but this was really funny:
"flirtily" I heard as "fleur de lis"
venturous4:49pm: great picspam here!
on [info]torino10154 's journal

venturous11:50am: Drabble/Drawbles from SlashRetreat
Drabble/Drawbles from SlashRetreat
Read more... )

8th October 2009

venturous11:28pm: Are You Ready?
I sure am: no more room in the fridge! Successful forays to Trader Joe's and Costco, and the Manor is right spruced up for you all.

Travel safely!  Call if you get lost!

2nd October 2009

venturous7:59pm: season activity
check out Potter Patch -- we could blow them away with awesome entries!
venturous7:13pm: doh! posted wrong place... menus
yummy food plans for weekend, in case you didnt see em... since I posted to my journal instead of here.
I am a savory cook, so I am looking to the Sweet Tooths to provide baked sweets. I will provide brownie mix, pie crust, apples, and vanilla ice cream. Please request special ingredients.

1st October 2009

venturous10:53pm: Stupid Polls!
I dont know why they arent working, but they did give me fits when I made them. grrr
venturous6:26pm: Getting excited?
eeeee!  preparations are afoot. I shall publish some meal plans etc a bit later, and get a grip on the pickup schedule for Friday. I am taking the afternoon off so I will be available for transport. Everybody got directions?

It's getting to be autumn-perfect here right now... still green, with long slanting golden light, red leaves sprinkling around, and cool nights.

It's going to be such fun!Poll #4365 R U excited?
Open to: All, results viewable to: All

I am bringing my:

View Answers

school robes
0 (0.0%)

0 (0.0%)

snapey wig
0 (0.0%)

craft project
0 (0.0%)

fave porn links
0 (0.0%)

slashable DVD for MovieNite
0 (0.0%)

0 (0.0%)

latest fic
0 (0.0%)

teddy bear
0 (0.0%)

blow-up doll
0 (0.0%)

other--please comment
0 (0.0%)

venturous6:24pm: Poll: DC City Visit?
Poll #4366 City Visit option
Open to: All, results viewable to: All

Our retreat location is rural, but many of you are from out of town. Any interest in a city visit as part of our weekend?

View Answers

No, I want to mellow out at the Manor
0 (0.0%)

Yes! Monuments tour!
0 (0.0%)

Yes! Smithsonian Museum!
0 (0.0%)

Yes! Capitol Hill: neighborhood, cafes, market
0 (0.0%)

Maybe, see comment
0 (0.0%)

20th September 2009

venturous7:04pm: Food Poll!
Poll #4328 Food!
Open to: All, results viewable to: All

What do you like to cook?

View Answers

4 (57.1%)

bakedy things
3 (42.9%)

4 (57.1%)

2 (28.6%)

2 (28.6%)

2 (28.6%)

2 (28.6%)

other: please expound in a comment
5 (71.4%)

Most important food group:

View Answers

the Chocolate group
3 (42.9%)

the Caffiene group
1 (14.3%)

the Green things group
2 (28.6%)

the Creamy White things group
0 (0.0%)

the Intoxicants group
1 (14.3%)

What flavour of vegetarian are you?

View Answers

Vegan - no animal products
0 (0.0%)

I eat Dairy products
4 (57.1%)

I eat eggs
4 (57.1%)

I eat fish
2 (28.6%)

not a vegetarian
3 (42.9%)

I eat only purple vegetables
1 (14.3%)

raw red meat for me, please
1 (14.3%)

I prefer kibble
0 (0.0%)


View Answers

6 (85.7%)

Tea, black
7 (100.0%)

Tea, green or white
3 (42.9%)

Tea, herbal
3 (42.9%)

soda, caffiene and sugar
1 (14.3%)

soda, cafienne and no sugar
5 (71.4%)

soda, no caffiene and no sugar
0 (0.0%)

hummingbird food
0 (0.0%)

sparkely water
4 (57.1%)

sparkely vampires
3 (42.9%)

3 (42.9%)

rum arrrr
5 (71.4%)

wine, red
6 (85.7%)

wine, white
4 (57.1%)

other, please comment
2 (28.6%)

chiralove7:01pm: On the question of the moving pictures, a poll:
Poll #4326 Moving Pictures
Open to: All, results viewable to: All

Those ... moving pictures, you call them...

View Answers

I want to watch them
4 (66.7%)

Heresy, I say! Burn the infidels at the stake!
1 (16.7%)

I have never heard of such things before, and am intruiged
0 (0.0%)

I have never heard of such things before, and am disgusted
0 (0.0%)

Only if there will be popped corn
4 (66.7%)

If I were to watch a moving picture, I would want to watch:

View Answers

something slashy
7 (100.0%)

something sweet
3 (42.9%)

something angsty
1 (14.3%)

something deadly
0 (0.0%)

something with historical relevance to the war against the Dark Lord
4 (57.1%)

Because "their" love is so canon, I want to watch:

View Answers

Harry Potter movies
6 (85.7%)

Star Trek movies
4 (57.1%)

Brideshead Revisited
3 (42.9%)

5 (71.4%)

other (which I will mention in the next question, or in the comments, whichsoever be more pleasing unto me)
3 (42.9%)

If I were to watch a moving picture, I would want to watch:


View Answers

2 (28.6%)

Ticky ticky!
4 (57.1%)

More heresy!
4 (57.1%)

What is this ticky whereof which you speak?
4 (57.1%)

I see your ticky, and disapprove of it.
2 (28.6%)

12th September 2009

venturous10:44am: Registrations soars!!! (well, OK, builds nicely) Time to sign up
The following smart-ass pervs lovely fen have officially registered for the Second Annual DC/HP Slash Retreat  (queue the fireworks).

My co-host [info]spidermoth and I would like to officially welcome:

NEW! bewarethesmirk

Thinking about coming for a day or the weekend?  sign up now!!

Fun polls, coming soon!!

2nd September 2009

venturous10:02am: Travelers take note!
Closest airport:

DCA, Reagan Washington National

Cheaper options:

BWI, Baltimore/Washington -- has much better public transit options

IAD, Dulles International in Virginia -- is a cool Saarinin designed terminal

Airport pickup or nearby train pickup IS AVAILABLE!!!! shoot for afterwork on Friday, early Monday departure, if possible.

1st September 2009

venturous10:37pm: Sign me up!
Hello my lovelies, here is a little sign-up post for you, to help your organizers make sure there is food and lodging for you! Consider this your "official" registration.

Comments screened so email etc are available to mods only.

Please copy and paste into your comment with answers to the following queries:

<b>Name you will answer to</b>

<b>IJ username</b>

<b>LJ or DW username</b>

<b>working email address</b>

<b>overnighter? Fri, Sat, Sun please list</b>

<b>daytrippers: Sat, Sun please list</b>

<b>coming from:</b>

<b>need transportation, pick-up</b>

       <b>if yes, arriving where, when?</b>

<b>I can provide transportation from/to</b>

<b>Cook or Cleanup: pick one</b>

<b>vegetarian, food issues, allergies</b>

<b>other comments/concerns</b>

email me at venturous1 at geeeemale with other questions!

more fun polls to come!!
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30th August 2009

venturous5:53pm: Retreat October 9-12! Watch for signup post
Well, folks, the poll was helpful, sort of... there are people I would love to see who can only come some weekend but not others, and only a slim lead for the Columbus Day weekend of October 9-12, so I am going to set the schedule so everyone can make travel plans.

the 2009 DC/HP Slash Retreat will run Friday evening, October 9 until Monday morning October 12.
That gives us an entire weekend to have fun!

So, here are the official details:

WHEN: Friday evening Oct. 9 - Monday morning Oct.12

WHERE: the Holy Unpredictable Manor aka [info]venturous's country house*, with movie night hosted by [info]spidermoth

squee, fic and art share, feasting, art demos, fic workshop**, bonfire, and options for urban and rural field trips

Travelers: Location: Accokeek, MD, 20 miles south of DC
                  nearest airports: Reagan Washington National -DCA, Baltimore -BWI, Dulles, VA -IAD;
                  nearest Amtrak: Alexandria, VA, New Carrolton, MD, Union Station, DC.
this is a roomy ranch house in a private wooded setting, with guest room, den, comfy couch, studio... No need to bring bedding. Up to 4 guests before getting out the air mattresses...

FYI: 2 dogs and a cat live here, as well as my slash-tolerant housemate Linda.
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13th August 2009

venturous11:19pm: October slash retreat 2009?
Poll #4064 Slash Retreat 2009
Open to: All, results viewable to: All

I am interested in local meetup/weekend this year!

View Answers

10 (55.6%)

Not Really
0 (0.0%)

7 (38.9%)

1 (5.6%)

The best dates for me are:

View Answers

Weekend of Oct 10-12
5 (33.3%)

Weekend of Oct 17-18
4 (26.7%)

Weekend of Oct 24-25
4 (26.7%)

other - please comment
2 (13.3%)

Things I'd like to do:

View Answers

Fic readings
7 (41.2%)

group art project
5 (29.4%)

fandom show and tell
6 (35.3%)

writing workshop
7 (41.2%)

movie night
12 (70.6%)

7 (41.2%)

host something
2 (11.8%)

teach something
3 (17.6%)

14 (82.4%)

other - please comment
2 (11.8%)

I'm interested in:

View Answers

12 (75.0%)

day trippin'
4 (25.0%)

13th October 2008

venturous7:58pm: what a wonderful weekend!
I am so sorry its over. today was another perfect day, weather-wise. Ravenna was here, getting writing done. I worked on hp Art Project snake drawings, walked the dogs and took a nap.

FYI, I will take down the 'registration' thread tomorrow, and anything with my address on it. we can leave the comm for next time, just in case!
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