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Text to Grace

Hey Grace... I am just sending a message to see how you are. I know you rather talk to Logan over me, but I thought since I am your friend, or at least I think I am, I'd check in. Maybe you want to hang out soon. This place has not been easy on me or any of us really but I want you to know I am here if you wish to talk to me. Just hope things are okay. Message me when you can.



Text To Derek

Derek. He found me. I need help. Hurry. Peter knows where I am...


Text To Peter

Uncle Peter. I think I'm in trouble. I think they've found me...


Text To Laura

Happy Birthday Cuz. I'm sorry I can't be there to help celebrate it with you. I hope you can forgive me.



[Random Address and street]
Second floor, get everyone there in an hour.


Text To Stiles

Hey. I'm on my way up. Can you meet me at your door since I;m pretty sure your place is filled with strange people?


Text to Cam

Change of plans. Get some things together. You're coming too.


Text to Logan

Hey can I ask you something really important?


Text to Olivia

This may either shock or confuse you, for which I'm sorry. But I need you to get Lydia and meet everyone at Derek and Stiles place. Lydia won't go unless you are there so I'm asking you to trust me. If you want me to explain more I will or Lydia can. Either way it has to do with my family. Not sure how much you know but I swear I will explain and hopefully you won't think badly of me once you know. Just be at Derek's. And bring Lydia. She won't go without you. Promise you will understand this. I want you safe.



Text to Laura

Do you know that Lydia girls sister?


Text to Derek

Found out why Lydia won't leave. She wants to make sure that her sister's safe too. And Isaac's asking about his brother.


Text to Moriarty

You touch him and I'll make sure you'll die.

- SH


Text to Laura

Can I stay at your apartment for an indefinite amount of time? I promise not to kill the boy


I think I just got tipped for being a good luck charm by just walking by a table...hmm.


Left for Peter outside his apartment with a note.


Father's Day has been a rough day for me since the fire. I know it's not really the same but you have been a second father to me for as long as I can remember. So Happy Father's Day, Uncle Peter. I love you more than you will ever realize and I am so grateful to have you back.



Text To Stiles

Hey, I know you probably don't want to talk to me, but I really need someone and I can't go to Peter. Stiles, please...


Left outside of Lydia's apartment with a note attached

Hey. I know this is pretty random of me to leave this here, but it's Best Friends Day and...yeah. Just don't share them with Peter. I don't think that he'd get it.

- Stiles


Put under all resident doors and hung in the lobby



[backdated to morning after Lydia's party]


Sorry if you heard the 'all werewolves suck' comment I made like, a minute ago. You don't suck. In fact, you're pretty awesome. It's Derek and Peter that do.


I seriously wish we were home and we wouldn't have to deal with freaking wolves bitching at us - or maybe that's just me. Love you.


Text to Lydia

[backdated to the night of Lydia's party]

Did you get Peter's text? I was thinking about going, if you want to go and just be there for Lillian.

Let me know. Maybe we can go together? :)

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