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Sep. 20th, 2011


Who: River Tam and Kaylee
When: Early morning
Where: Near where the shuttle crashed
What: River arrives.
Rating/status: g/Incomplete

I labor, I lumber, I fumble forward through the valley as winter, as water, a shift in the river, I mist and frost, flexible and elastic to the task, a fountain of gravity, space curves around me, )

Sep. 17th, 2011



Who: Joshua + Anyone!
When: A little into the early evening?
Where: Starts in a record shop
What: Joshua uses his time wisely in New York by celebrating The Beatles' rising career.
Rating/status: ~G?/tbd.

No, Sir, The Beatles didn't sing that. )
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Sep. 16th, 2011


left behind

Who: Remus Lupin
When: 10:15 PM
Where: What used to be the Wizarding HouseTM.
What: Remus returns from work only to find chairs and tables and...
Rating/status: ~G/finished.

So where were they? Remus wondered as he started towards the couch where a book was left open near the edge. It was almost as if they'd... )

Sep. 12th, 2011


Who: Xaphania and Lee
What: meeting! talking! warm happy feelings!
where: the air field!
when: Monday mid-afternoon

Xaphania liked watching them reach for the sky )

Sep. 10th, 2011


Who: Wash and Kaylee
What: He ain't so alone as he thought
When: Saturday morning
Where: A used-car lot in Brooklyn
Rating: Low, probably
Status: In-progress

Gun metal green, prettiest that I've seen. I've nothing to hide, and you've nothing to hide. )


date night

Who: Remus Lupin + Lily Evans
When: Friday night or weekend night, whichever
Where: A small restaurant where the quality of the food depends on the number of diners
What: Remus has asked Lily out on a "date". Of course it's not a date date but that's what he calls it.
Rating/status: G/finished.

There was no wine or chocolates or flowers to be found on Lily's supposed place in the table... )

Sep. 8th, 2011


Who: R. Dorothy Wayneright & Roger Smith
When: Afternoon, just after this
Where: The Welcome Center, then Roger's Residence
What: Dorothy is as close to 'WTF' as she is capable as getting which is not very courtesy of just arriving in the city. Roger picks her up so she can restore her sense of the world with the old familiar exercise of judging him...and his living conditions.
Warnings & Status: None. In Progress

No one else had tried to approach her, though that was not entirely the fault of her intimidating idea of small talk. )

Sep. 5th, 2011


Who: Wash + OPEN
When: Monday, mid-morning
Where: Battery Park
What: An overdue arrival
Rating/status: There may be some harsh words spoken.

Our love is made of steel, last us 'till the underground. )


Out for a walk

Who: Simon, Joshua
What: strolling
When: Monday afternoon
Where: on a street pick a street any street
Rating: Low, probably
Status: Complete

Interesting developments aside ... )



Who: Logan, open
What: Looking for a way out
When: Monday, late afternoon
Where: Up around the Westchester area
Rating: L for Language
Status: Open, ongoing

The cage was getting tiresome )



Who: Ginny, Lois
What: Prowling the museum
When: Monday, late morning
Where: Natural History Museum
Rating: Low
Status: Complete

Reluctant resignation )

Sep. 4th, 2011


Who: Iron Man and OPEN
What: Out and about saving people and destroying property!
When: Sunday afternoon. (How else do you spend your Labor Day Weekend?)
Where: East Village
Warnings: None!

I am the least witty person ever. )

Sep. 1st, 2011


Who: Zack Fair and OPEN
When: Friday morning
Where: A sidewalk somewhere in the city
What: Zack should never be left to his own devices.
Rating: Safe for all ages.
Status: Open, in progress

Angeal hadn't called Zack fair a puppy without good reason. )


closing time

Who: Cloud Strife + Rose Tyler + Anyone!
When: 9:00PM
Where: A small mart
What: Late-night grocery shopping
Rating/status: ~PG(-13?) for some language/ongoing.

These days, Cloud barely had time for himself. )


The shop was hers ...

Who: Jaime, Sirius
What: shopping?
When: Thursday some time
Where: Arcana Cabana
Rating: TbD, probably low
Status: Private, ongoing

Well, that had backfired ... )

Aug. 29th, 2011


Who: Albus Potter and Lily Evans
When: 5:15 p.m. Monday, August 29
Where: In front of the Museum of Natural History
What: Albus has just arrived and gets found by his paternal grandmother
Rating/status: TBD

it wasn't until he reached the last step that something registered as being off )


Who: Amy Pond and the (Eleventh) Doctor
When: backdated to Monday morning
Where: Bryant Park, outside the NY Public Library
What: Long time, no see.
Rating/status: ~PG/Ongoing

Enough sitting and waiting. )


can I get a hoot hoot?

Who: Remus Lupin + Anyone!
When: Night time
Where: Prospect Park, Brooklyn
What: An owl apparently resides in one of Prospect Park's trees and Remus is about to find out if he can be its new friend.
Rating/status: ~G?/tbd.

He liked how many of the parks had markers in his memory now: Central Park was the park with the sudden space ship, Bronx Park was the park he and Sirius played in, now Prospect Park was supposedly the park with the owl... )

Aug. 28th, 2011


Painting? Seriously?

Who: Logan, Lorna
What: Painting
When: Sunday afternoonish?
Where: Xavier-Lensherr Institute
Rating: Low
Status: Complete

Well, it was something to do )


all good things must come to an end

Who: Lee Scoresby and Hester
When: Backdated to just days after the snow had gone
Where: Clinic then out
What: Lee sneezes the good life good-bye.
Rating/status: G/finished.

He’d never had to take vitamin C in pills before in his life. )

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