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    Friday, March 18th, 2005
    6:51 pm
    NMSN: Newsies MSN: Characters
    Warning: The following is very random, and a lot of the characters are out of character because we added onto steryotypes. So, here's the info on the characters, just so you don't get too confused. All the NMSN stuff was co-written with my friend Mellie. Anyone from HPers, you know her. Anyone from The Refuge, she's the girl who got me hooked on Newsies and Newsies slash.

    So, anyways...

    NMSN: Meet the Cast )

    Ok, so, yeah. I'll be coding the actual MSN convos starting soon.

    luv n' mushrooms,

    Friday, February 22nd, 2008
    2:27 pm
    Another fanfic100 drabble.
    Prompt: 076: Who?
    Word Count: 250
    Rating: G, unless you're offended by mentions of Wendy the Werewolf Stalker, or people calling Bart Kid Flash.
    Prompt Table

    Robin probably wouldn't like it if someone called him Nightwing. )

    Love from the Pond,

    Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008
    9:38 am
    Crazy project of insanely huge drawings
    Alright, so if you visit this journal with any regularity, you may notice that my top banner is, once again, different.

    That banner is my progress so far on what I am calling my crazy project of insanity.. to draw everyone in the Pollenverse.

    So far I've done the "pencils" for three Arbitrary Eclectics and Five irregulars. To have those teams finished, I need to draw at least four more people. And that's just two of the smaller teams in the 'verse, not to mention inking and colouring has to be done too.

    Um, yes. I'll be posting updates here as I get more and more done. So, warning, large images may be linked to from here in the future.

    luv n' skittles,

    Wednesday, January 9th, 2008
    12:14 am
    Fanfic 100
    What? I wrote another fanfic100 fic? Shocking Revelation!

    Prompt: 025: Strangers
    Word Count: 204
    Rating: G, unless you're offended by Superboy watching Wendy the Werewolf Stalker, or someone having an obsession with Ivan Pavlov.
    Prompt Table

    Most of YJ was happy with Impulse's new, more mature personality. Robin, however, was suspicious. )

    Love from the Pond,

    Saturday, September 8th, 2007
    2:46 pm
    Another Drawing meme!
    Okay, so There's a Stephanie Brown drawing meme going on.. and because she's an awesome character, I figured I should sketch her up in an awesome costume.

    Hooray, art! )
    luv n' skittles,

    Monday, April 16th, 2007
    11:09 pm
    This will probably be absolute rubbish, but I'm bored, so I'm challenging myself to write drabbles and/or snippets based on whatever characters my crack cards decide to tell me to write about.

    Some will be more shippy/smutty than others. Also, I am transplanting characters rather than messing with time travel when it seems necesarry. Because.

    Jason Todd and Spot Conlon: PG? Not too shippy. )

    Roy Harper and Owen Harkness Erm.. PG-13? )

    That's it for now..

    I need sleep.

    luv n' skittles,

    Tuesday, March 6th, 2007
    7:22 pm
    Colorbar? WTF?

    And... tha code!
    <center><img src="http://yourownURLplease?">
    <a href="http://sideofkick.livejournal.com/5572.html">WTF icons are... love?</a></center>

    Wait, did I not cut a post for once? Crazy!

    luv n' skittles,

    Tuesday, March 20th, 2007
    7:34 pm
    Draw Power Girl!

    Click to see Peej the Riveter )

    luv n' skittles,

    Friday, February 23rd, 2007
    2:05 pm
    Remember the time when everyone on the internet drew Batgirl?
    Well, this is my contribution to the Supergirl Meme.

    Supergirl beneath the cut )

    Hoorah! I kind of based her off Superboy more than Supergirl.

    Flat colouring on my version (aka the good version, not the doodle) of Blink's Supergirl costume design.

    luv n' skittles,

    Wednesday, November 8th, 2006
    12:01 am
    NaNo spam part due.
    In which the apparent villians are talking. )


    Um. Yes. I like my villians to be cheerful. Shut up. Also, I was sure I'd copied the new excerpt. *stares at LJ like it's crazy*

    luv n' skittles,

    Monday, January 15th, 2007
    10:39 pm
    Icon Post! (25 total - 23 newsies, 2 HPers)
    Okay, some of these I like better than others.

    xCredit goes to [info]sideofkick or [info]azsapphire
    xI like comments

    icon resources

    In which I feel the need to talk about my icons for some strange reason )

    luv n' skittles,

    Thursday, August 3rd, 2006
    1:01 pm
    36 Newsies icons
    I can't believe I haven't updated, but yeah. So... 36 newsies icons. o.O Some of them have inside jokes, so if the text makes no sense to you... that's probably why.

    Icon resources


    image heavy )

    xCredit either [info]azsapphire or [info]sideofkick
    xPlease don't hotlink

    luv n' skittles,

    Tuesday, June 20th, 2006
    7:33 pm
    Dialogue Ficlets.
    Title: Win-win situation
    Fandom: Newsies
    Pairing: SpRace
    Rating: PG-13 for implications and mild language
    Summary: Race and Spot argue about betting.
    Words: 148

    You know, Spot, you didn't complain so much about my betting when I bet you I could make you happy. )

    Title: Parallel Universes
    Fandom: Newsies
    Pairing: Blush
    Rating: G-PG. It's fluff.
    Summary: Mush worries about Parallel universes.
    Words: 304

    Don’t be silly, Blink, I’d never be straight. )

    Um... that's all for now. Unbeta'd, so lynch me for errors if you want.
    Sunday, March 26th, 2006
    9:52 pm
    30 Newsies Icon bases, and 9 Newsies icons
    I lightened up a bunch more of the icon bases I've been working from/making from the dieonthevine.net Newsies screencaps.

    I thought there were 30, but my numbering system went on crack at some point, so there's actually only 29.

    29 Newsies bases )

    I also made 9 Newsies icons. Um, they're fairly random, as a result of my trying to teach myself how to make effects. I like the last one, it was relatively simple.

    9 Newsies icons )

    luv n' mushrooms,

    Saturday, February 11th, 2006
    12:10 pm
    Icon Resource Post
    Icon resources )

    love from the pond,

    Tuesday, January 24th, 2006
    10:31 am
    Hokay, so since this is vaguely set in the NMSN universe, some people might be wondering Why I'm posting Dish here, not to [info]newsies_msn. The reason is simple. Dish doesn't have a place in my plans for NMSN. Dish is something that spawned out of our actual livejournal conversations.

    And then, [info]crazynluvinlife and I decided we should co-write Dish. So this was formed.

    Title: English Homework
    Fandom: Newsies
    Warnings: Excessively cute, slash, and AU.
    Rating: It's light and fluffy, so I don't see why there should be any restrictions.

    nearly 2000 words of cuteness )

    Um, yeah.

    luv n' mushrooms,

    Sunday, January 22nd, 2006
    5:31 pm
    This is a ... something... post
    As the title says, this is sort of a writing post. However, it's more of a "how to code your writing/images/other stuff for a blog" post.

    So often, people on my friends list will say stuff about how they forget how to put information in an lj-cut, or they'll say on their blogs that it's too complicated to post an image. So here is my contribution: all you need to know about posting art, icons, or writing to livejournal or to your blog.

    General information:
    Okay, so often you may want to hide your art or whatever behind a cut. I don't post much to Blogger, so I'm not sure exactly how you'd do that. However, on liverjournal, it's simple. Livejournal has a cut tag, explained in one of their FAQ posts. I'll explain it here too, just because redundancy is fun.
    <lj-cut text="this is what the link will say on your main page">
    Insert the stuff you want behind the cut here
    Change the blue text to what you need it to be.

    So, that's easy enough. Sometimes, though, you want to link to another journal, because you co-wrote whatever with them, or they made the icon base, or they made a brush. If you're on blogspot, it's going to have to be a link, and the code would be,
    <a href="the URL of whatever you're linking to goes here">This is what the link will say</a>

    however, on livejournal, you can also make shiney links to othe journals or communities, like [info]azsapphire or [info]newsie_icons
    The code for this is livejournal specific, much like cuts are. You would type
    <lj user="theirlivejournalusername"> for a user and
    <lj comm="theirlivejournalusername"> for a community.

    Again, change the blue text so that it's relevant to you.

    Icons and Images
    Okay, so first you have to have made the or the art, or have the image saved to a file. If you do not know how to make icons, I encourage you to go over to [info]icon_tutorial and look in their memories.

    Once you have the image and it's a file on your computer, you need to upload it to the internet. There are several sites designed for this, the one I use is Photobucket.

    Now, Photobucket can automatically give you the HTML code to post whatever image it is that you want to post. However, I'll tell you what it is, because a)redundancy is fun and b)I don't know whether other image hosts do this as well. The code for posting an image is as follows:

    <img src="The URL for where your picture is found" alt="a short description of your image in case the image doesn't load" border="0">

    The alt and border tags are not required, though they can be helpful.

    It is important that if you are posting an image, that you always uplaod this image yourself. Never simply take the URL from an image you saw somewhere and use it in your image code. It's generally not very polite.

    Okay, so you may want to do some fn stuff with your writing, such as bold, italics, underline, or coloured font.
    Bold, italic, and underline have simple enough codes.
    <b>Text</b> makes bold font.
    <i>Text</i> makes italic font.
    <u>Text</u> makes underlined font.

    You can also add Colors to your font. The site I linked to has useful information on codes for colours in HTML.
    <font color="#000000">Text</font> can change your font's colour.

    You can also change your font's size with the font tag.
    <font size=2>Text</font> will do this.

    Put together, a font tage would look like this:
    <font color="#000000" size=2>Text</font>

    I believe that's all. If you'd like to see anything added, please let me know.

    luv n' mushrooms,

    Wednesday, January 18th, 2006
    12:52 pm
    Art Spam
    Okay, so since the Batgirl meme, I've felt I have to draw other stuff to get my mind off it. I've also been playing around with different colouring styles in the GIMP.

    So I sketched a bit of concept art of Brainiac 9 ([info]truleftist's superhero/quasi villian persona). I don't really know what B9's costume looks like, but we had discussed it possibly being fairly similar to the current costume of Brainiac 5.

    So, that's kind of what I used, but I modified it because I don't really like drawing Spandex. So... this is what happened.

    But as I said earlier, I was playing around with colouring styles and such and came up with this.

    Then, the Batgirl meme showed up in my head again, and so B9 got to dress up as Batgirl. I coloured it with sharpies, creating This.

    Now, with Brainiac 9 dressed as Batgirl, I figured there should be another Centreville hero dressed as another member of the Batclan. Duckie's not to happy with the idea of dressing as robin, because it involves wearing tights, but she did it anyways. this is also coloured in sharpies, but Duckie's costume kind of doesn't lend itself to sharpie colouring, so it's kinda scribbly.

    The Batclan is incomplete. Perhaps you'll see Captain Canuck as the Batman sometime soon, but he apparently changed his costume when Duckie did, and I don't know what it looks like any more.

    luv n' mushrooms,

    Sunday, January 15th, 2006
    10:07 pm
    First Entry
    This is [info]azsapphire's writing, art, and icon journal, on account of the fact that she wants to make her icons and such public, but her livejournal is friends-only for the most part.

    Anyways, to start off... 16 Newsies icons.

    iconses! )

    luv n' mushrooms,

    Monday, January 16th, 2006
    11:57 am
    Batgirl has taken over Livejournal
    But that's okay, because Batgirl rocks. Anyways, there's a kajillion people who just drew Batgirl on a whim, and I think it's awesome, so I made a little something of my own to add to the batgirl meme.

    Yeah, it's just an MSPaint scribble, but I don't have time right now to draw a better picture.

    luv n' mushrooms,

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