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Saturday, October 22nd, 2005

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    Umm... I'm not sure where the details for this came from, but the general premise came from the fact that I can't type.

    Javid Drabble here )

    In case you're wondering, the not-being able to type-ness came from a conversation with a friend where we were talking about badfics, and she said that spack is always bad, and I said that sometimes it works as a previous fling; but then Jack might have to be written as a jilted lover. Except I made a tyop, and it said... yes, you guessed it, kilted lover.

    I have the strangest urge to draw Jack wearing a kilt now. o.O Maybe later. Off to the video store that's closing and selling stuff. They have Newsies on VHS.

    EDIT: Well, they had Newsies on VHS at one point, but a)it was kind of pointless for me to buy it, since I already own a very pretty DVD version of Newsies and b)it wasn't there any more. So I got Chicago instead. And then I decided that I'd look in the family section again since it was kind of out of order, and a little indie film's title caught my eye. That's right; I am now the proud owner of one VHS copy of Bayou Ghost. So rather than one Gabe Damon film, I got another. I'm incredibly happy.

    luv n' mushrooms,


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