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Sunday, March 20th, 2005

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    NMSN: Part 5 (and 5a)
    What? Azi put up two parts of NMSN? In the same post? Insanity! No, not really; the second part is technically part of the first part. It's not in the format of an MSN convo, so I don't have anything to code.

    Same warning as always for NMSN. Part 5 is subtitled: Girls to the rescue. Part 5a is subtitled 'Not an MSN Conversation'.

    NMSN Chat 5 )

    NMSN Non-chat 1 (NMSN 5a) )

    Anyone with ideas for the big date, please let me know. I'm not good at writing romance, so any suggestions will be appreciated. (As will any suggestions for stuff Ducks should have in her big bag o' everything. XD)

    luv n' mushrooms,


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