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[02 Feb 2018|02:16pm]

I know I've been quiet of late and that's caused things to stall, so I'm posting here to see what you guys want to do. I'm thinking of ending the road-trip at this point and going straight into the war. We can even do a time-jump, if that's what would kick things into gear a little. I'm going to post below with some potential ideas (but feel free to add yours):

1. Start the war effort in real time, ending the road-trip
2. Time jump (I'm thinking a year or so from this point, full-on war with in full swing)
3. Continue as we are with the road-trip
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new! [22 Jan 2018|09:33pm]

Hi! I'm Leila (Leela) and I play Marlene McKinnon (Mac). If any characters would like to plot with Mac, let me know. She's impetuous, a bit reckless and outspoken. She vaguely knows she likes girls and is somewhere between experimenting with that and trying to prove she's very very straight. She thinks the best defense is a good offense, and she's kind of a rebel-without-a-cause, who is probably soon going to find a cause. She's ferociously loyal, outspoken and, when you break through the bravado, quite kind. She was in the thick of every social everything at Hogwarts and generally gets along with most people who enjoy a big personality and has a knack for coming down a notch or two for the quieter folks. She pretends to be devil-may-care but it's a defense to cover up whatever it is she's hoping no one will notice at the moment.

Edited: Mac is your textbook Gryffindor: all the good and all the bad.
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[20 Dec 2017|01:19pm]

Vote time guys! I'm wanting to kick off some of the darker elements of the plot just after Christmas. I'm fine continuing the road trip through January, but there will be attacks along the way. I've screened the comments so could you please give your opinions on this.

As we've yet to get a Lily, I'm going to NPC her through the journals for now for those who require interaction for her. Again, if you know anyone who is interested in playing her, I would greatly appreciate you poking her in this direction.

Cheers guy! Sorry again for the quiet, but I'm off for the holidays and all for the plot!
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DIGS! [18 Dec 2017|04:46pm]

Don't call it a comeback. I've been here for years.

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[16 Dec 2017|04:59pm]

New member alert! *gasp* Joey is bringing in DIGS [info]per_ardua. I'm going to say that Hyacinth Burke is sharing a car with him. I'm so, so sorry Hyacinth.
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[01 Dec 2017|06:27pm]

WE ARE IN EDINBURGH till December 8th!

Most characters passed activity and those who have not have been contacted. I'm not adding any more characters this side of Christmas.

Spoon is on hiatus till January 1st. Lily is going to be looking after an ill parent(s) and there may be a death. We'll cover that later. Narcissa is still on the road-trip but just assume she's floating. As for who is driving Lily's car, they're going to bring in a Ministry official to do it. FUN TIMES. Alice is not impressed.

The new Ministry rule
All cars will be given a different route to get to each location. They will still pass through the main points on the route given each week however the cars have been charmed to remain at least a mile apart. You can still meet up at towns along the way, but the cars cannot be in the same town for more than hour. The cars also have to leave the town in a staggered fashion. They can still meet at the end of each week. Hope this clears things up.

There will not be any major whole game plot till the new year so enjoy it while it lasts! If you feel plot is slowing in any way, please poke me about it. We can always work something out.

Tagging Format
In the journal comm, please tag with the month and year (December 1978) and the character whose journal it is. In the writing comm, anyone within a thread should be tagged. If you guys can help me out with this, I'd appreciate it. We're getting a bit lax on tagging and it helps with activity.

Thanks again for another active month guys! YOU ARE THE BEST.
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[17 Oct 2017|10:15am]

I've added an NPC account. Let me know if you want any characters adding to this. So far, I've got Dumbles (he'll have his own account eventually), McG (totally open for application after the roadtrip), Vivian Sayre (Alice's mother) and Ribbons (the house-elf that Remus hired for apparating purposes--clever boy that Sirius).
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DEATH EATERS&VOLDEMORT [15 Oct 2017|12:29pm]

Right, so I needed to check on my canon details and timeline. My issue with introducing DE references was that it would distract from the initial purpose of the game: a fun, care-free roadtrip! Canon-wise, Voldemort started collecting followers pre-1970s. His first act of war came in 1970 when he began to recruit dark magical creatures. What I'm going to say game-wise is that there are whispers of Lord Voldemort and his followers, but the Ministry just dismisses it entirely. There's not been any attacks in the last 8 or so years as he's slowly been building connections/checking how strong his Horcruxes are. He does have the werewolves on side, though.

At this point in the game, none of the characters on the road-trip are Death Eaters. Regulus is in contact with Voldemort (and I don't mind adding Sev and Lucius to that mix, too).
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[14 Oct 2017|04:05pm]

Just a minor note as to not confuse, we're adding Alastor and Melisande Moody to the mix though they're not going to be on the road-trip. I'll use Alastor to push any Ministry agenda (and to annoy Frank). I'm not adding them to the cast list until we're in war mode!
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[10 Oct 2017|09:50pm]

Look at all these annoying admin posts. Last one for a few minutes hours. Can you post below with the one (read: ONE ROBYN) person you would like your character to be paired with? I'm not saying it will happen but I'll definitely take it into consideration when pairing up. I'd like cars to have a mixture of purebloods and muggleborns (and you crazy half-breeds).

Comments are screened!
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[10 Oct 2017|08:29pm]

Please make sure your journals are friended to the comms. Click!
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[10 Oct 2017|08:20pm]

Feel free to begin journalling and back-threading as and when you wish! We will hopefully be starting the road-trip by the end of the month. When using journals, please post a date in the subject line and perhaps begin mid-summer at the earliest? No-one will what cars they have been assigned to but they will know about the programme at this point.

Oh, and we are in the year 1978!
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[09 Oct 2017|09:05pm]

LOVELIES, do me a favour? Can you post below if you character has any additionals? Prefects, quidditch, patronus, extra abilities? ALSO BIRTHDAYS. I'm going to put together a doc but it would save me time if you could just post that below. CHEERS <3
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