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    Tuesday, September 11th, 2007
    12:29 pm
    Erm. Hi. Feels kind of weird being the first one to post in here, but I just saw this community and I really, really love Shadow Hearts so here goes. :)

    I love both Shadow Hearts and Shadow Hearts: From the New World. Covenant was a fun game to play too, and I would play Koudelka again if my stupid PS2 would work with PS1 games. My favorite characters are Yuri, Alice, Margarete, Shania, Johnny, and Ouka. I mostly write fanfic in my journal, but recently I've been trying to do some fanart...well, you can tell how well that went with this picture of Shania and Johnny (yes, the little blob of yellow is supposed to be Johnny's head. ^^;) So yeah, I'm still trying to learn how to draw better with art programs.

    I'm just curious--has this asylum been posted in asylum_promo? I never saw it before.

    Current Mood: cheerful
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