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Friday, December 7th, 2007
3:45p - Registration Post

If you're interested in registering for the con, please comment below. Thanks!

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3:53p - Panel & Workshop info & sign up post
Info on Panels

-I don't really have any specific kinds of panels that can be presented in mind, so any suggestions you have are fine by me.
-I would like to try to keep the number of panels around 20 (at the most), to make it easier for all involved.
-The theme of the con is "Winter Extravaganza", if that is something you'd like to work into your panel, that's great, but it's not a requirement.
-Panels should be slash related (m/m and f/f).
-The format of the panel is completely at the discretion of the panel host, though I'd like at least a brief summary before the actual day the panel is hosted, just is case something comes up and my help is required.

Info on Workshops

-Workshop formats, as the panel formats, are at the discretion of the workshop host (live chat, website tutorial + chat, etc.)
-I am open to ideas on any kind of workshop whether it be a workshop on writing, crafting, website creation, meditation, or whatever you'd like to host.
-Workshops don't have to be slash-themed, but it'd be awesome if they were. :D
-I'd request a list of all materials, programs, etc. at least a week in advance of the con, so I can put up a website with a materials list for the attendees of each workshop.

As a side note, I'm willing to play web host for any files needed for any panel or workshop, if the host doesn't have a site of their own. I'm pretty open to just about any idea, though I'd like to keep the number of panels and workshops to around 20, if possible, as this is my first time trying to do something like this convention and I hope to keep it manageable for everyone. :D

Thanks again for reading and, if either of these sound like something you'd be interested in doing during the con, please comment below.

ETA: I've had a request for a writing panel on how to write a hot & individual m/m sex scene. If anyone is interested in hosting this panel (or one similar to it), please let me know! thanks!

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5:53p - What is SFVC?
SFVC (short for Slash Fan Virtual Convention) is an online convention for slash fans who'd like to attend a real-life convention, but can't, due to various circumstances.

The con will have panels, workshops, challenges, and more. My hope being that slash fans can gather together and to have fun and do as much as possible without actually leaving their homes. The con will be three days (Feb1-3, 2008) and will combine chats, websites, and journaling sites. Anyone interested in participating is welcome and the con's open to all aspects of the slash community.

I hope this post has helped with those who have questions about the con and I hope to see you in February!

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8:31p - GIP!
Here's the first icon I made for the convention, please feel free to take and share!

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