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SPAM CATCHER [19 Sep 2021|12:10pm]
Do not use this post.
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[19 Sep 2021|12:10pm]
Finish the last post.

no kinkshaming, no pictures of people under the age of 18. no outing, no asking for lines that the poster isn't looking for, let people who respond to a line know if you are/are not the OP, no off-topic comments including personal bookmarking on the main post
remember to check old post/comments for contact information!
full rules & mod contact post - comm/gpsl discussions & promotions

The following rules apply to all posts in this journal:

All celeb, fandom or pb faces asked for on the journal must be over 18. No exceptions.

Asking for lines against Millie Bobby Brown is banned until she is 18.

If you post an image, please use the < img src="" > method (closing the spaces after and before the < brackets), anon or not. Anon makes a placeholder clickable link to the image so anons can see it. Sexual pictures are allowed on the journal, so it doesn't matter if you post anon or not. This is better than trying to link which makes a mess of the comment.

Asking for lines as or against Donald Trump or any members of his family is banned. Period.

I am not going to ban everyone who's ever been accused of sexual misconduct of any kind, but think before you ask for lines as or against them.

Until further notice, all virus-related line requests are banned, whether it's coronavirus or a fictional virus that creates zombies or anything else of that nature. It's a bit too close to real life right now and RPing and the other things people look for on here is for escape. If you want to request those lines there are other places. Or put it on your own journal with a pointer post. Just not on here. This applies to pandemic type requests only.

Quarantine-related requests are NOT banned - just virus focused and related requests.

For controversial kinks - use your own judgement as to controversial outside of the examples I've used - you must state the kink in the subject line. Any posts asking for controversial kinks without subject lines will be deleted. Bestiality, incest and non con are some of the more controversial kinks.

You may also post to your own journal requesting controversial kinks and link the journal on here. It is required that you include a mention of controversial kinks in that post or it will be deleted. Note that any journals linked may include topics that are banned on here.

Please note that any journal that links here may include topics that are illegal to access in your place of residence - usually underage or bestiality as these are the only kinks I am aware of that are considered illegal in written/fictional form. Click journals you don't know with care. Do not post to yell at people with these journals on here.

If you see a post that needs deleting, link it on the mod contact post. If you see a reply/request for something underage in a thread reply, please link it on the mod contact post so I can delete it. I don't always see every single comment so they can sometimes slip through.
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