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SB Stackable Profile Codes 
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8th-Jun-2009 04:17 pm
Seven Scotchbonnet Stackables Profile Codes.These can be placed one on top of each other. They are subject to Journal's Profile Area dimensions. Profile Layouts can be changed/edited in the Manage Profile Page under Bio.
InsaneJournal | LiveJournal
Background Images: (Please, no Hotlinking. Right click "Save Image As") Gray Linen Paper | Lined Paper

Example .01


Example .02



Example .03

Example .04

has header and footer

Example .05

has header

Example .06

has footer

Example .07

1. Remove/Replace Between[From Here You Can Change - This is the End Of This Section].
2. I've placed an image link in each code for easy use.
3.Replace # with web addresses and .00# with name of site.
4. Keep the profile code linkback in one of one code or one of multiple codes and we stay cool :)
5. Any problems, let me know.
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