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August 23rd, 2009
11:23 pm


Aunt May and her boyfriends
Doop posted this from Mark Millar's Trouble miniseries. An attempt by Marvel to use modern soap opera in a romance comics way and shoehorn in a shocking twist to the origin of Spider-man. It was received terribly and isn't canon.

I personally believe Roger Stern had in mind a sort-of 'this is how you SHOULD have done it' style retcon when he wrote 'Just A Sweet Old Song' for The Amazing Spider-man Family 7. Because it's still a recent comic, I had to chop up the bits I could show, but it also mentions the events that were originally shown here, also by Doop. As far as we know, this IS current canon.

(Roughly 4 pages worth of scans under the cut)

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June 24th, 2009
05:17 pm
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"A Matter of Trust"

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