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September 7th, 2009
05:30 pm


Where the stuff you lose really goes

This story is ironic in a metatextual way, as in a few years Captain Marvel (and his family) would really go to Limbo, when the Fawcett comics closed up shop. There they would chill in the timeless void of fictional characters without a home, until the same company that had caused their titles to be dropped would buy up rights to them and bring them back as secondary characters. (Cap never showed it on the page but he must have been bitter.

Be that as it may, this is a typically charming little tale. Captain Marvel discovers that recent thefts of valuables are the work of the Collector, a wizened old coot who is assigned to take worthless inventions, badly written books, crummy art and such away. (From what I see on sale everyday, he hasn't kept up.) Limbo is a gigantic junkyard. The Collector decides to start confiscating something nice once in a while, just to brighten up his metaphysical realm. This is where Cap takes notice.

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May 25th, 2009
08:36 pm


Captain Marvel's favorite part of a woman
How inexplicable. This is from WHIZ COMICS# 51 in 1944. Odd little throw-away moments like this are one of the reasons why I love Golden Age comics. Marvel has been asked to judge a beauty contest, but why he's doing that with the tape measure is not explained.

The question may come up in conversation, "what is the sexiest part of a woman?" or "what is your favorite part?" Guys, as you value your life, immediately say, "Her mind, of course." Eyes or smile are answers you might also get away with. But if you say, "Her forearm and it should ideally be shorter than 29 inches," everyone will draw away from you and you will receive puzzled looks for awhile.

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