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June 10th, 2009
11:26 pm


Some perfect moments; Fans!
One of my favorite webcomics right now is Fans!(the exclamation point is part of the spelling) by T. Campbell and Jason Waltrip.  The title involves the Billberg Science Fiction Club, a SF club/RPG community that finds itself dealing with terrorists, alien invaders, shadowy criminal conspiracies, mad scientists and other assorted threats.  The theme is that humanity's greatest asset is its ability to imagine and dream, and that in an increasingly weird world, it's the weird who will rise to the occasion to save us.  You can read it here; www.faans.com. Be warned; there's close to two thousand pages of material thus far.  You thought Girl Genius was a great way to waste time(which it is), wait'll you get a load of Fans!  Plus T. Campbell likes to play with formats; some pages are extra long or extra wide, some stories are done by guest artists with their own unique styles, he occasionally plays with GIFs, and one story even features original MP3 files(his homage to the Buffy musical, I think).

I'm choosing a couple of favorite moments from the series.  Not dial-up friendly.

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