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November 4th, 2009
04:36 pm


Doom Patrol #4

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October 30th, 2009
02:29 pm


Black Lantern Doom Patrol

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June 8th, 2009
10:23 am


One Perfect Moment: Beast Boy
While I've commented several times, this is my first official post in the new journal. I apologize if the tags aren't correct. I tried.

I've always loved this piece from the 3rd issue of the Beast Boy mini-series. To me, it defines what DC was trying to do with Beast Boy at the time... show that he's not the little kid of the team anymore who doesn't need "big brother Nightwing" to bail him out.

Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, TPTB decided to regress Gar to his 80's personality and have totally screwed him over for the last 2 years or so.

BTW, more of my Beast Boy scans (and the original artwork, which I acquired from the inker Chris Ivy) are at www.garfieldlogan.com

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