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October 22nd, 2009
12:52 pm


Ex Machina 46
Part Two of the "Pro-Life" arc...

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September 21st, 2009
02:11 pm


Ex Machina #45
As you may have heard, Ex Machina is ending soon. As you'd expect, things are really starting to build to a head as the conclusion gets nearer and nearer.

title: ex machina, creator: brian k. vaughan, creator: tony harris, publisher: wildstorm

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August 29th, 2009
04:29 pm


I hate it when this happens . . .

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August 20th, 2009
02:24 pm


Ex Machina 44

At long last, we get some answers.

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August 18th, 2009
08:13 pm


By request X-Men/Runways One Shot
This was requested by Darkblade. Here are 3 and 2/3 pages from an 11 page story from 2006's Free Comic Book Day issue.

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June 23rd, 2009
03:55 pm
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The Titans #14
In the previous issue, Nightwing questioned peoples commitments to the team and told anyone who didn't want to commit to leave, causing Jesse to do so. He then feels over-stressed and heads back to Gotham for advice from his old mentor, so when danger strikes, Garth takes over the leadership role.

Who died and made you Nightwing? )

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June 9th, 2009
07:32 pm


One Perfect Moment: Gert, Chase, and Gert/Chase
Three of my favorite moments from BKV and Alphona's Runaways, featuring my two favorite characters from the series: Gert Yorkes and Chase Stein.

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And with great power... )

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05:22 pm


One Perfect Moment: Chase Stein
I have occasionally said that, in Runaways Vol 1, Chase Stein was my least favorite character. And yet, somehow in Vol 2, he rocketed to my favorite of the group.

It probably wasn't all to do with this One Perfect Moment, but it sure helped a lot.
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June 8th, 2009
03:56 am


I dun know why, but those last 2 panels totally sum up the series for me

so what better thing to do in middle of crazy-early AM hours than share with the interwebz!

just 2 pages, from Y:The Last Man )

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June 7th, 2009
04:14 pm


One perfect moment: Jono and Amber
... in which someone does to Jono what I'm sure a lot of people have wanted to, no matter how much they love him.

Two pages under the cut.

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March 4th, 2009
10:51 pm


In which Chamber deals with having a roommate who ISN'T a mutant
From Icons: Chamber #1-4, by Brian K. Vaughan and Lee Ferguson

After volunteering to go undercover (in as much as someone like Jono can GO undercover) to investigate the deaths of 6 mutants and meeting several of the mutants going to Empire State University (including a girl who looks kinda like one of the creatures from Alien named Amber), Our Hero arrives in his dorm room and meets his new roommate, Walter.

They don't exactly hit it off.

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