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June 5th, 2009
03:54 pm
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Ultimatum #4

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May 4th, 2009
04:39 pm


Psylocke Vs. Sabertooth.
Greetings True Believers! The my recent post and Doug Ramsey/ Betsy Braddock inspired me to post another one of my favorite Betsy moments. The first fight she had with Sabertooth during the Mutant Massacre. It's a great fight and a great storyline. (Further evidence that X-Men achieved perfection in the 80's.) During the massacre Psylocke is new to the x-mansion and is trying to assist with the recovery efforts. She doesn't feel accepted by the X-Men yet and is worrying that she's not helping enough..... (These scans are from the Mutant Massacre TPB)

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