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October 30th, 2009
07:37 pm


The dead are rising and they want vengeance : Zombie Suicide Squad
Halloween Week (superheroes)

This is from the excellent double sized 50th issue of the SS. It brought all the treads together from the original SS to the current teams. This book was all about very damaged people confronting their personal demons ,both hero and villain.

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October 22nd, 2009
03:21 pm


Suicide Squad: No Man Escapes The Manhunters
Here's a little something something for all you Millennium-loving readers out there: issue #9 of the Ostrander Suicide Squad series tied into little post-COIE crossover event and features the rank and file of DC villainy going up against the Manhunters. Alternatively, this post may be considered the 'Ballad of Slipknot'. Slipknot is an old Fury of Firestorm (penned at the time by Ostrander) foe, natch.

Round about four pages out of a 22-page tale. Credits go to John Ostrander on writing and Luke McDonnell on the pencils. Scans belong to two fellows operating under the nom de geurre of HaCsA and Grundy.

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