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September 26th, 2009
11:39 pm


Godzilla versus...
After hearing that this guy was a character from the old Godzilla comic, I had to look him up.


A smattering of images from the 30-page Godzilla #1, circa 1977.


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September 6th, 2009
05:42 pm


Alan Moore draws Godzilla
There is a mountain of art about Godzilla, enough to bury the big guy himself in. I don't know why he haunts the unconscious memory of humankind, unless he is some sort of Great Old One left out of the NECRONOMICON and he lives in our collective unconsciousness or something. A very evocative scene from one of the movies had a group of schoolchildren drawing what they had been dreaming about. To the teacher's apalled surprise, they all drew different images of Godzilla (as the march played). Dark Horse did a 1987 one-shot called GODZILLA KING OF THE MONSTERS, which featured a few guest artists.

Alan Moore's page seems at first too gimmicky to have any resonance. The woman's rapidly turning head drawn as three exposures and the depiction of the superheated breath head-on)irritated me at first glance. But a second look reveals several amusing details (the bottom of the big guy's foot, for example) and the perspective of a difficult angle is handled well.

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May 26th, 2009
12:20 am


Rambling on Grant Morrison's Japanese Heroes

Crossposted from NoScans_Daily. 

With the publication of Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance, some more of the wackiness regarding the Super Young Team of Japanese-Wannabe-American Heroes has risen through the internet.

I thought I'd add to the kafuffle with an unorganized generally off the cuff reaction to this.

But those are my thoughts on the situation.

And, for Legality, a Japanese character who got better treatment, and J. Johna Jameson.
Edited for Correction.

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