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June 2nd, 2009
03:47 pm
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Norman and Kolina: A Love Story

In Unthinkable,  Dr. Doom sacrifices his childhood love Valeria to a group of demons to gain ULTIMATE POWER and wears a new suit harvested from her skin. A lot of people here didn't like it, saying that it was too evil for Doom and it's something that Norman Osborn would do instead. I disagreed, saying that even Norman wouldn't go as far to do that to his loved ones.

And it was asked, "Does Norman really have any loved ones?" And the answer is yes, he does. Even if you were to say he doesn't love Harry (and I think he does deep-down, but that's for another day), Norman has still shown a softer side in the past when he's not trying to ruin Spider-Man's life, as evidenced in the Revenge of the Green Goblin miniseries...

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