Daily Scans - November 14th, 2009

November 14th, 2009

November 14th, 2009
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My Last Day Post
Here is my post for the last day of Scans_Daily on InsaneJournal. I deceided to post a little comic I found in DS game booklet, a funny comic that gives us insight in the world of Phoenix Wright. I really hope the new journal is a bit easier to use, in terms of posting pictures and such.Enjoy.

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Purge: Seconds To Die
Four Scans of the sequel to Purge.

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My first and only post for S_D 2.0
Cyclops drinks bottled water.

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Batgirl #4
Scans under cut... )

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Monster: "You can see it..."
Since it seems like a few people are making "last" posts to commemorate the move, I figured I might as well join in. And since it's my last post at InsaneJournal, why not take the material from the final volume of Monster?

Of course, in a series as full of twists and turns as this one is, you could argue that most scans would be a)inexplicable to people who haven't been following along and are not in possession of some sort of flowchart and/or b) massive spoilers for the entire series. But I don't think this scene is either.

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Victor #1167, July 2, 1983
And now as my final post on the IJ version of Scans Daily, the July 2, 1983 issue of Victor. This title also depended heavily on war stories, but not quite as heavily as Warlord. They do however make the covers.

At this point, there was a one-page gag strip entitled "Cap'n Hand and his Mutinous Band." It was so mediocre even by the standard of gag strips that I have opted out of showing it.

Your thoughts, gentlefolk?

Coming up on Dreamwidth, a story with Thrill-Power! And the new darker and edgier take on a childhood favorite.

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"Psi War!"

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Scans_Daily 2.0: Closed
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[info]scans_daily 2.0 on Insanejournal has closed. You can now find [info]scans_daily on Dreamwidth. Please be sure to read our FAQ!

Any questions or concerns can be directed to dailyscans@gmail.com.

Thanks so much to all our members who made S_D 2.0 such an awesome place. Hope to see you on Scans_Daily 3.0!


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