Daily Scans - May 19th, 2009

May 19th, 2009

May 19th, 2009
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It's hard-knock life. For Logan.
Greetings True Believers! Here are few scans from Wolverine #73. It's from the first story, "A Mile In My Moccasins." It's a fun little story that pokes fun at Wolvie's secondary mutantion of being three places at once. It also reminded me of the old Bill Haley song. Spoilers and Enjoy!

(Logan's entry into the "Nick Fury Manly Motorcycle Picture" contest.)

Plus: An extra Marvel Team-Up funny: the first time Spidey met X-23. ;)

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'I got so damn sick and tired of hearing, "Patrick Stewart doesn't like the shape of his head..."'
Some excerpts from the Star Trek Writer's Roundtable, one of the Pro2Pro Roundtables that TwoMorrows Publishing puts out. Various Trek comic book writers discuss the hassles and difficulties of doing licensed comics for a TV property...

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Captain Atom layeth the smacketh down.
In further honor of Captain Atom getting a back-up feature in Action Comics, I thought I'd post some images from Will Pfeifer's Captain Atom: Armageddon. To put these images in context, after saving the earth from a giant kryptonite meteorite, Cap found himself blasted into the Wildstorm universe. He soon encountered one of that universe's two Superman equivalents, Mr. Majestic. Majestic attacked Cap without warning or provocation. Read more... )

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Looks like Marvel learned their lesson...
The solicit for Marvel Divas #2 is up.

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Of interest in Marvel's August releases
I may be interpreting it wrong, but Marvel Spotlight will shed some light on one of Marvel's biggest issues.

Newsarama has the full solicits.

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Some Barda and Scott domesticity? Why not?

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Goodbye, so long, fair well, and Amen
Paul Cornell recently announced on his Livejournal (and his blog, aparently, but I stalk his LJ) that Captain Britain and MI-13 is coming to an end.

So, to me this sounds like the perfect excuse to post a few pages from the Wisdom mini he did, featuring everyone's favorite Skrull Beatle.

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11:25 am


Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck (2/2)
And we're back, with the second and final part of my run-through (with commentary) of Don Rosa's marvellous recounting of Scrooge McDuck's eventful life.

(In case you missed it, here's the first part.)

It's my hope to manage conveying that just because the main protagonist is a three-foot-tall duck in a funny animal world, the story is not necessarily pure and toothless kiddie fare. (And it doesn't have to be "erotic furry" to have something to say to adults either. ...Not that Omaha the Cat Dancer wasn't a decent comic, but... uh... well. That's a post for another day, don't you think?)

In any case...

Behind the cut awaits action, adventure and ducks with huge tempers! )

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01:30 pm


A smattering of Phil Foglio covers
Short but not really backstory:

I've been stumbling upon copies of Dragon Magazine, a roleplaying magazine that was still published until relatively recently, at the local flea market / car boot sale / swap meet type place. I saw that a few issues had Phil Foglio covers, which amused the hell outta me, but I didn't buy them because I'm not a tabletop roleplayer, and I wouldn't understand half the stuff written in them. Still.

I stumbled upon a copy of the Dragon Magazine Archive two weeks ago at that same flea market. So I bought it. It's a now-out of print, five CD compilation that contains the first 250 issues of the book in PDF format (all legal!) and so I started to browse the books. They're interesting and have definitely improved my vocabulary, if you can believe that! And then I remembered the Foglio covers...

So I dug around them and scanned (er... extracted? copied? Buh) them! The books themselves have had regular funny strip features in the Dragonmirth section, and they also had a What's New With Phil and Dixie comic strip for several years. I may go back and post some stuff from them in the future, but for now, here's some Foglio stuff.

Because we can never have enough Foglio art.



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Lady Cop scourge of the underworld and swinger parties...

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Catwoman Abridged: Wild Ride (Part 3 of 4)
Previous part here,
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07:55 pm


Footprints in the snow
Excellent art and storytelling from one of the masters. This haunting page appeared December 29, 1946 (thus the New Year's poster in the last panel). It was Milton Caniff's farewell to his strip, which would be taken over by George Wunder (who was okay but uninspired). Caniff was starting his own strip, STEVE CANYON, which he would own and get a better deal on all around -this was a big reason why comic book artists and writers wanted to move up to newspaper strips.

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10:28 pm


DC Super-friends #15
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